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    Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

    May I suggest focusing on a particular Aboriginal tradition, rather than over generalizing? I’m not saying
    “make a dozen different Pantheons!” but rather pick a cultural focus and make the pantheon theirs.

    My choice are the divinities/ancestors of the Anangu people, making the pantheon the Tjukuritja.

    Edit: also side note, South America also currently doesn’t have any Pantheons until the Inca or Guarani get attention.

    We live in Melbourne, so it'll be the gods of the Wurundjeri tribe. Just didn't know if that'd make a lot of sense to the internet in general.

    Good point on South America though! They'd make a great secondary goal, to make things easier for the Atzlanti and shore up the southern hemisphere.


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      I have a vague idea of the band of PCs working to stop the crazed plan of another Scion (probably one descended from, or devoted to, an antagonistic Titan) who has already achieved Demigod status.

      The only concrete concept/scene that I currently have in my head is a season-finale climactic battle against him that results in him killing most of the PCs and then triggering some sort of mythical WMD that the last one or two of the PCs see go off. The session ends with the PCs all waking up in the Underworld (either some sort of unified Underworld, each in their own respective equivalent, or called into a specific one by an appropriate deity) and must now strive to escape. Either upon awakening, or upon escaping the Underworld, they have achieved Demigod status and now they see the after-effects of their's and their enemy's actions.

      Only problem is I might need at least the Demigod book first, so... That's a ways out, sadly.


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        A few days ago i was outside trying my best to liberate my car from the icy coffin it was encased in, and that got me thinking.
        An interesting adventure could be stopping the revival of Ymir (or of Ymir's powers).

        First part, i'm thinking of having the PCs in the Blizzard of the Century and trying their best to help people get out of crashed cars, bringing them to cover and finding the supernatural source of the blizzard. Its still a bit vague so far but i think i'm onto something.

        For the group trying to revive Ymir (or just get his powers/mantle), i like to go with entities from multiple mythologies.
        So we'd have Ice Giants (obviously), either wendigos or followers of Wendigo (i have no idea if it is a singular entity or a creature type in The World) and a rich businesswoman yuki-onna bankrolling the project.
        I'll have to research and see if other groups or entities would be affiliated enough with winter/ice/cold.

        Anyway thats what i have so far.

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