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Current Official Stance on the Monotheist Religion in the World (Possible spoilers)

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  • Azazel, God of Secrets and Wisdom
    Aliases: Za-za-e'il, Azazil, Iblis, The Great Unclean Bird, The Scapegoat, The Teacher of Truths, The Sage of Hell, The Corruptor, The Whisperer, The Spymaster of Hell

    Azazel, like many of the senior members of the Demonic pantheon, got his start as an angel. Unlike most of the others though, Azazel came into being after the Great Rebellion. In the aftermath of the Rebellion there was much confusion as to why a third of the Hosts had rebelled for one measly mortal species. El's solution to the problem was to create the Grigori, angels of great size and strength who could blend in among the humans and learn just what made them so special. Azazel was one of the first Grigori, and spent the years in between the Fall and the freeing of the Demons walking the Earth and blending in with the early humans. Azazel found that the humans were indeed special, and he came to believe that they could be more special, with help. He didn't contemplate outright rebellion like Lucifer had, though. His way was subtler. He would use the times he returned to Heaven to report as occasions to steal a bit of Heavenly knowledge here and there. A book missing from the archives or a tool left unattended. At first his aid to humanity came in the form of little gifts left where they could do some good, but in time he became an active teacher of humanity. He knew he was stretching his mandate beyond El's bounds, but he was often busy in the World and beyond El's direct oversight.

    Things changed when Semyaza, the chief of the Grigori, began to become enamored of the humans in an entirely more carnal way. When Azazel realized that Semyaza was going to go ahead with his plan regardless of consequences, Azazel decided to make the most of a bad situation. Let Semyaza lead with his crotch if he must, Azazel would take the opportunity to enlighten the mortals more directly and more effectively than ever before. He became Semyaza's chief advisor, and when the Grigori began siring and bearing children, he began educating the children too. The Nephilim were the next stage of humanity in Azazel's view: a better, stronger humanity. He taught them from their infancy, and they grew not just physically powerful but advanced in science and technology. They came to take over civilizations and improve upon them. Working in tandem with humanity, guided by Azazel's teachings and given time to grow, they could have been something even greater than El's vision.

    Alas, that was not to be. The Grigori were cast down. The world was flooded to erase the Nephilim. Banished to Hell, Azazel came to Lucifer's attention. The Whisperer was a valued commodity to Lucifer's way of thinking, given how he had helped mold human society right under El's nose. The knowledge he brought with him from Heaven was even more valuable. But most valuable was how he and his fellow Grigori were still capable of slipping into human society without drawing the attention of El and his followers. Over the next few centuries, Azazel built a powerful spy network for the Demonic pantheon throughout the World and Hell. His elevation to the Inner Council was a fait accompli. His public adventures, the ones that got him remembered by El's cults, were often only fronts for secret intelligence coups that gave Hell advantages El and his followers didn't know to look for. He was happy to be the scapegoat if it kept El's followers looking in the wrong direction. Even his public "defeat" by Raphael was a ruse, for he planted a hidden spy-demon on Raphael, and learned much of the Archangel's knowledge and plans before the spy was found and executed.

    Azazel walks in the modern World more often than most Demons. As a Grigori, he has a special knack for eluding the oversight of El and his followers, and he takes full advantage of that. He's fond of educational institutions, where he takes roles as a professor or a dean and shares the knowledge he's accumulated with rapt students. He's also fond of disappearing into the shadows of the World's intelligence communities. He's had identities in all of the major global intelligence services at some point or another, though he's especially fond of tweaking El's nose by taking on roles within the Israeli Mossad. Like a true secret agent, he's a master of shapeshifting, taking on whatever role or gender he needs to to get the job done. He sires or bears many Scions, and chooses just as many more. His Scions are groomed for their intelligence and cunning, fed on the knowledge of their father and used as tools of Hell's intelligence service whether they realize that fact or no. Every so often, he sires a Nephilim, which he takes great pains to hide from the World, as El might flood the World again should the Nephilim begin re-emerging in numbers. That this fact is lost on Semyaza and his followers often means that Azazel winds up hiding and becoming patron to his fellow Grigori's Scions as well as his own. It suits him to keep the Nephilim hidden away, a secret strike force for Hell's needs.

    Callings: Sage, Liminal, Trickster
    Purviews: Deception, Forge, Beasts (Birds, Goats), Journeys, Darkness, Passion


    • Originally posted by Mysteris View Post
      Thanks for the tips everyone. I think I can work up writeups for both Azazel and Semyaza.

      Glamour: Have you considered Valefor, the demon of thieves? I thought I saw that one on Wikipedia's list. I envisioned him as one of Leviathan's servants but he might make a good Envy demon for you.
      He is and I want to use him some capacity, but I can’t see him standing at God-tier Legend shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Lucifer, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, etc.

      My current best ideas are

      a) Reinterpret my conception of Beelzebub as Envy instead of Gluttony, then rip off the Canaanites by making Moloch the Gluttony Archdemon with his gluttony being his drive to consume in fire and destruction.


      2) The Throne of Envy has been usurped over and over so it can be held by a comparatively “lesser” demon as the current one to snatch it before his inevitable usurpation too.

      Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


      • Semyaza, God of Lust and Depravity
        Aliases: Samyaza, Shemhazai, Shemyaza, Semiazaz, The Lord of Harems, The Prince of Pleasure, The God of Sex, The Lord of Incubi, The Doom of the Grigori, The Prince of Depravity, The Pimp of Hell

        Semyaza takes a great pride in his pedigree. He was created as one of the Grigori, the Watchers created by El to observe and report on humanity. Like all of El's forces, there was a strict regimentation. Semyaza stood at the pinnacle of the Grigori hierarchy, a position he felt was his by right of being a superior being, not merely a result of being the first-created Grigori. He masked his superiority complex when in Heaven to get assigned Earth duty, and suppressed it whenever he thought El or the senior angels might be watching, but that seed of self-love and pride was always there. It came out when dealing with the mortals he was supposed to be observing. Sure, he could pretend to be one of them but he always knew he was just better than them.

        Semyaza himself isn't sure when he first noticed a particular quality of humans that made them stand out. Maybe it was all the time he spent watching the creatures reproduce themselves in an endless, tedious reproduction cycle. Or maybe it was one particularly beautiful woman that caught his eye. Whatever the case, Semyaza found himself for the first time feeling something other than boredom and superiority. He felt desire for the first time. At first he watched the daughters of Eve from a distance, but soon his desire to possess them demanded he get closer. Demanded he mate with them, and claim them as his own. He knew that was not El's intention, but he grew not to care. In fact, he began to stoke the same desires he felt within others of the Grigori. Not all, to be sure, but a good number of them came to feel as he did, and began to act out their lusts towards the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve.

        Of course, the good times couldn't last. Some busybody informed El and the Grigori found themselves hunted down and captured by Raphael and his legions, then cast into Hell. The good news was that there were succubi already. The bad news was that Lilith had claimed what he felt to be his, and being upstaged by some mere speck of dust inflamed Semyaza's pride. He set to work with a vengeance among the mortals, inflaming lust wherever he went. He wanted them lusting for each other and he wanted them lusting for him and his kind. Let Lilith have her passion projects and her care for the oppressed. Semyaza claimed for himself the darker side of lust, and built mighty Deeds around encouraging that among the mortals. Lilith found him appalling and advocated that he be imprisoned, but Astaroth said only that he had not broken the laws of Hell. In time he had grown mighty enough to contest with Lilith as an equal in power. Lucifer denounced him as a plague on mankind. So Semyaza took his case to the demons of Hell directly and built a mass following among them. Faced with the possibility that the demons might revolt against him, Lucifer reluctantly agreed to name Semyaza a Prince of Hell and a member of the Inner Council. His principality was Hell's pleasure pits.

        Semyaza is not loved in Hell. Lilith and her succubi turn their noses up at him, so he compensates by using the souls of the damned allotted to him to staff his pleasure houses alongside his incubi and Grigori followers. Like Mammon, Semyaza finds that the World is more congenial to his tastes and efforts. In the World he has been a sultan with a legendary harem, a pimp, a Hollywood casting agent, a porn producer, and other such roles. He favors roles that let him get involved in the World's sex trade, especially its sleazy and darker side. He encourages the worst lusts humanity has, finding pleasure in driving others into depravity and asserting his superiority. He can find no satisfaction without the feeling of dominating or degrading another, another way he and Lilith differ. He opposes Lilith and all she stands for on principle, a dangerous position when she is Lucifer's Queen and both she and the Lightbringer despise him. Astaroth and the Demonic Inquisition are always trying to find actionable evidence against him. Surprisingly, he and Mammon get on like oil and fire, each encouraging the other to new highs (or lows). Semyaza produces many Scions, both human and Nephilim, for his own lust is all-consuming. He has little interest in the moral or ethical ones, tending to empower the beautiful, the amoral, and the perverse. Like Mammon, he considers himself a "family man", and brings those Scions who he feels he can trust into his shady empire, buying their loyalty and services with the oldest favors of all.

        Callings: Leader, Lover, Creator
        Purviews: Beauty, Deception, Passion (Lust), Health, Fertility, Stars, Prosperity, Chaos
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        • Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

          My current best ideas are

          a) Reinterpret my conception of Beelzebub as Envy instead of Gluttony, then rip off the Canaanites by making Moloch the Gluttony Archdemon with his gluttony being his drive to consume in fire and destruction.


          2) The Throne of Envy has been usurped over and over so it can be held by a comparatively “lesser” demon as the current one to snatch it before his inevitable usurpation too.
          Well, a quick glance at wikipedia (I know, I know) seems to indicate Lanterne of Light classes Beelzebub as Envy and Belphegor as Gluttony, which would fill out your roster without having to pillage a potential member of the Elohim. Assuming that's accurate information from a decent source, of course.

          And that, of course, assumes that you don't want separate sorrow and/or vainglory thrones as a reference to older lists of sins.


          • Asmodeus, God of Wrath and Courage
            Aliases: Aeshma Daeva, Asmodai, Ashmedai, Ashima, The First Son, The Avenger, The Wrathful Lord, The Champion of Humanity

            Asmodeus is unique among the Demonic pantheon in that he did not begin as an angel or some other creation of El. His origins, in part, lie with humanity. When Adam was wed to Lilith, he cheated on her with Naamah, the Angel of Prostitution, and Asmodeus was the result. In later times Asmodeus would absorb the mantle of a Heroic Scion of the succubus Agrat bat Mahlat and King David, leading to no end of confusion for mortal scholars.

            Asmodeus's early years were rough. Naamah delivered him to humans outside of Eden to be raised, and he would not see her until many years later, when she fell with Lucifer's host and became one of the first succubi, serving under Lilith. Raised by a mortal bronzesmith, Asmodeus would be found by his mother and claimed as a Scion by Lilith. He would go on to build a mighty legend about himself in those early days, as a conquering warlord whose brilliant strategies were matched only by his violent temper and his ability to coax his troops to legendary feats. He made a name for himself in Hell's legions, and when he rose to Godhood, it was both Lilith and Apollyon who sponsored him before Lucifer. The God of Wrath and Courage made for an excellent front-line commander when Apollyon or Beelzebub couldn't be at the scene, and a better, more relatable face for the rank and file demonic troops.

            Time in Hell with his mother and his on-and-off flings with Lilith gentled Asmodeus in some ways, but anger was never far from the surface. When the sorceress Raguel attempted to bind him as a slave, he slew seven of her prospective husbands. When the Archangel Raphael defeated him and drove him away, Asmodeus made it his business to stalk and slay Raphael's servants en masse, a hunt that continues to this day. Later adventures would bring him to greater infamy among El's cults, but he never forgot where he came from. He took it upon himself to champion mortals where he could, to defend them against the threats they could not face on their own and inspire them to the courage that drives humans to become great heroes in their own right.

            Asmodeus spends a good deal of time among the humans. He considers himself one, after all, and will not stand for their abuse in his presence. His principality in Hell is known to be among the safest for the souls of the damned, and he is a popular figure among Hell's lesser-ranked demons as well. When he walks the mortal World he is often a police officer, a bodyguard, a security guard, or a soldier, protecting those in need. He has been a motivational speaker and a self-defense instructor, teaching people to find their inner courage. And when need be, he has taught them to find their wrath and strike back against oppressors. He sires Scions to aid in the war effort, but he cares for them a great deal. He strives to be there for his children in ways his mother could not be for him. He demands only that they have the courage of their convictions and that they protect their fellow humans.

            Callings: Warrior, Guardian, Leader
            Purviews: War, Epic Strength, Passion (Wrath, Courage), Earth, Fire, Epic Stamina


            • I think with Asmodeus done that covers the Seven Deadly Sins and the major players of the Demonic pantheon. I do have thoughts of adding in Guides, Followers, a PSP and Relics so that people can play with them as a full pantheon, if people would be interested in seeing this series continue.


              • I’m definitely interested in seeing more of your ideas!

                Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


                • Guides

                  Delilah, Jezebel, and Bathsheba (••••)

                  These three temptresses are famous for seducing some of El's holy men. Each is a daughter and Scion of Lilith, and each of them serves as a lieutenant and assistant for their mother. These enchanting sisters are each very busy in the World and in Hell, but they take an interest in younger Scions, especially younger Scions of their shared mother. They offer guidance and support for Scions in exchange for Scions helping them with their myriad tasks.

                  Asset Skills: Persuasion, Empathy
                  Guide Stunt (1-3 successes): Immediately shift your target's Attitude towards you by two in whichever direction you choose for the scene, even if you've already succeeded at a Shift Attitude action this scene.
                  Calling: Lover
                  Purview: Passion (Desire)
                  Unique Knack: Reduce the difficulty of shifting a target's Attitude towards a positive view of you by 2 when seducing the target.
                  Legendary Title: The Beauty Who Brought Down A Kingdom

                  Valefor (•••)

                  The Demon of Thieves is a lieutenant in Leviathan's legions, one of her favored servitors. This smooth-talking, quick-fingered demon affects a rakish and flamboyant air. He takes an interest in Scions who have potential for great Deeds, especially Deeds that involve taking from another. His shady advice, criminal connections, and fast hands have aided more than one Scion of the Demons in achieving their goals. Just don't ask him where he gets or fences his goods.

                  Asset Skills: Persuasion, Subterfuge
                  Guide Stunt (2+ successes): Gain an Enhancement on any one Subterfuge or Persuasion roll equal to successes spent for the rest of the scene.
                  Legendary Title: The King of Thieves

                  Legion (•••)

                  Legion is most famous for his trick of possessing others, and being cast out by Jesus. Astaroth's chief renegade hunter is a careful and canny sort, who used the famous story of his defeat to bolster his reputation in Hell. If it takes a Scion of El to get rid of him, who else can hope to escape him? The canny stalker lends his non-corporeal aid to Scions who have a need for a subtle touch and a capable hand at dealing with enemies from the shadows.

                  Asset Skills: Subterfuge, Culture
                  Guide Stunt (2+ successes): Gain an Enhancement on any Subterfuge or Culture roll to blend in seamlessly with the environment equal to successes spent for the rest of the scene.
                  Calling: Hunter

                  Azazel (•••••)

                  The God of Secrets and Wisdom is Hell's Spymaster. He always keeps an eye out for fresh talent, and makes himself available as a Guide to the most promising potential recruits. Azazel knows many things, keeps secret many things more, and can be a reliable guide. But he'll always find a way to make you work for his knowledge.

                  Asset Skills: Academics, Technology
                  Path Benefit: Can grant or deny access to Dis, the Terra Incognita where the Nephilim are hidden away.
                  Guide Stunt (3+ successes): Gain an Enhancement on any Academics or Technology roll to find or bury a piece of information equal to successes spent for the remainder of the scene.
                  Calling: Sage
                  Purview: Forge
                  Legendary Title: The Sage of Hell

                  Belial (•••)

                  Chief trainer of Apollyon's armies and overseer of the training camps in Sheol, Belial is a busy demon. He takes an interest in toughening up Scions of the Demonic pantheon, providing support in exchange for creating talented fighters for the war effort.

                  Asset Skills: Athletics, Firearms
                  Guide Stunt (3+ successes): Can extend the range of one ranged weapon by a number of bands equal to successes spent for the rest of the scene.
                  Purview: Fire
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                  • I hope there is more, because I'm really enjoying this whole pantheon. Well-written, interesting, and full of story hooks. Maybe more information on certain Succubi, or a few of the major characters in the Infernal army? Background on how they view the Scions and Gods of the old pantheons that are coming back to power in the Scion world? Or pretty much anything you feel like writing?


                    • For my own write-up, I'm leaning toward the Mal'akhim counting the Orisha and the Yazatas as allies (in fact, they're so close with the Yazatas, that some suspect that the Sarim and the Amesha Spenta might be mantles of the same beings). They count the Elohim with the Fallen with no differentiation (as the Elohim are fellow direct creations of El, who blaspheme by lying with mortals and accepting worship!), which creates a state of hostility with the Annuna as well since the Annuna and the Elohim overlap in several core members. Beyond that, they've reached a detente with most other polytheistic Pantheons, though are still scornful of them and their "nephilim". The Deva are a particularly odd point though - as the Mal'akhim's close alliance with the Yazatas gives the the a hostile history with the Vedic half of the Pantheon; but there has been intense bridge building with the Puranic-half spearheaded by Ganesha and Raphael/Israfil.

                      The Fallen naturally have formed a countering alliance with the Elohim (and a few of the Canaanite gods even have resulting Mantles among the Fallen, including Ba'al Hadad, Dagon, Astarte, and Moloch). Against the Yazatas they have openly aligned themselves with the Titan Ahriman and his brood. They might have been able to form broader alliances with other Pantheons with historic hostility with the Mal'akhim, were it not for the fact that their Underworld Godrealm/Prison overlaps to the degree it does with the other cells of Tartarus - and were they truly able to break out in their entirety, they'd be likely to bring the full host of Underworld imprisoned Titans with them.

                      Only the Orisha, especially in their Loa Mantles, openly consort with both the Mal'akhim and the Fallen. Kalfu in particularly is infamous for acting as a bargaining middle-man for Hell, and opening gateways for them, for the right price.

                      Edit: Worth dropping in a note that the Netjer have mostly gotten over the whole Ten Plagues thing... mostly. But they remain suspicious of any Pantheon upholding a singular true divinity as a possible front for Aten - whether it actually is or not.
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                      • Thanks! Feedback helps me grow as a writer.


                        • Followers

                          Succubi and Incubi (•••••)

                          Succubi are a race of demons descended from Lilith and the few angels of sexuality. They appear as beautiful women with bat wings, tails, and horns in their true form. Incubi are male demons descended from Semyaza and appear much the same as their female counterparts in their true form. Both types of demon are especially attuned to desire, sensuality, and lust, and encourage those feelings wherever they go. A group of succubi or incubi followers can make for powerful social persuasion, but they are mutually exclusive. Succubi will have nothing to do with Incubi or any Scion of Semyaza, and while Incubi would be willing to work with Succubi, they will not work for Scions of Lilith.

                          Archetype: Entourage
                          Tags: Access (the hottest clubs; sex-related businesses), Smooth, Helpful, Knack: Fluid Appeal, Center of Attention (Lover).

                          Nephilim (•••)

                          Averaging between 7-10 feet tall, Nephilim are giant men and women. In ancient times they were Heroes among humanity, before the Great Flood culled their numbers. Modern Nephilim are the offspring of Grigori members of the Demonic pantheon, frequently the servants of Semyaza though Azazel has been known to sire some as well. Azazel keeps the Nephilim hidden in the Incognita of Dis, where they have their own civilization, but occasionally will lend some out for a Scion of the pantheon.

                          Archetype: Heavy
                          Tags: Savage, Tough, Defensive

                          Infernal 666th Legion (••••)

                          The services of the elite 666th Legion of Hell are not easy to come by. They hold pride of place as Hell's best warriors beneath the Princes, and their skill and loyalty are second to none. Occasionally, Apollyon or his deputy Asmodeus will lend out units from the 666th when it serves Hell's purposes to make a statement.

                          Archetype: Heavy
                          Tags: Savage, Tough, Defensive, Group

                          Infernalists (•• to •••)

                          Various groups of mortals have pledged themselves to the Infernal cause over the eons, and usually been hunted and killed by El's followers. The modern World is more liberal and tolerant than in the past, and groups of Satanists and other Infernalists have achieved some measure of recognition. The Demonic pantheon is of mixed-minds about these followers but generally sees their utility.

                          Archetype: Consultant

                          Tags: Access (Occult sacred spaces; rich infernalists), Helpful, Smooth

                          Familiars (••)

                          Minor spirits of Hell are known as Familiars. They come in a great variety of shapes and uses, but most will never leave the Pit. Having a familiar assigned to you is a sign that someone in the Demonic pantheon thinks you need an eye on you and a helper as well.

                          Archetype: Consultant
                          Tags: Helpful, Defensive

                          Damned Soul (•• to •••)

                          The souls of those damned to Hell serve a variety of functions there, largely depending on which Prince or principality they're assigned to. Damned souls can be maids and butlers, warriors in the Infernal legions, gigolos and courtesans, just about any role a human would fulfill in the World can be found among the Damned.

                          Archetype: Consultant
                          Tags: Access (the principalities of Hell), Helpful

                          Locust Demon (••••)

                          These creatures form elite squadrons within Apollyon's ranks and are used to deprive enemy locations of food. They resemble horses with crowned human faces, women's hair, lions' teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion's stinger. Locust demons work best in large swarms, devouring and destroying all in their path. When Apollyon lends their services to a Scion it means that he feels that Scion is destined to play a role in Hell's military stratagems.

                          Archetype: Heavy
                          Tags: Savage, Tough, Group, Mob
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                          • Originally posted by Mysteris View Post

                            Nephilim (•••)

                            Averaging between 7-10 feet tall, Nephilim are giant men and women. In ancient times they were Heroes among humanity, before the Great Flood culled their numbers. Modern Nephilim are the offspring of Grigori members of the Demonic pantheon, frequently the servants of Semyaza though Azazel has been known to sire some as well. Azazel keeps the Nephilim hidden in the Incognita of Dis, where they have their own civilization, but occasionally will lend some out for a Scion of the pantheon.
                            If you're treating them as different creatures, what determines whether a union with a mortal produces a Nephil or a Scion?

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                            • Off the top of my head, I'm thinking it's a matter of genetics. Any product of a Grigori and a human is going to have half-angelic (or demonic now) genetics. I think there's a random genetic trigger though, for Nephilness. Something like an extra chromosome perhaps. I like the idea that not even the Grigori fully understand the process. Some of their kids come out able to pass for human and others come out giant, and it's kind of a genetic crapshoot. The thing the Grigori had going for them was sheer numbers. Once Semyaza planted the idea, the Grigori started reproducing like crazy, which upped the chances for Nephilim. The Nephilim spread and multiplied in the ancient World simply because there were so many Grigori dedicated to pumping out more children, right up until the Great Flood.

                              Nowadays Nephilim are still produced, but I imagine that Lucifer, Lilith, and Azazel ride a close herd on Semyaza and his Grigori followers. They can't stop them all, because the Grigori have an inbuilt ability that lets them elude celestial observation (much to the frustration of the Archangels and Astaroth), but Azazel's spy network has a dedicated branch for finding Nephilim "oopsie" babies. That's when Azazel springs into action, separating the newborn Nephilim from their mortal parents and hustling them off to the Incognita of Dis to be raised among their own kind. Semyaza and his followers tend to protest this on the principle that they should be free to create whatever they damn well please, and because they want to be parents to their own children. Lucifer's official response is a diplomatically phrased "Choke on it." Remember, Lucifer doesn't like Semyaza and only elevated him under duress. He has no problem sticking it to Semyaza or his followers when he can safely do so. Unofficially, Grigori who make themselves useful to Azazel's intelligence operations get supervised visitation, but Azazel controls the ways into and out of Dis so they have to keep being useful in order to maintain contact with their children.
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                              • Cool - it being random, and Scion PCs having Nephilim half-siblings works!

                                My inclination is to lean into how the Bible doesn’t actually call the Nephilim “giants”, it just says “men of renown”, and just make that the Mal’akhim & Fallen term for (Born) Scions - which the Mal’akhim are forbidden from conceiving... though some non-Christians have suggested that Gabriel may have broken said commandment once...

                                Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow