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  • So...How's going?

    Did you already start playing? how's going?

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    I've done a few pick-up games (the 1e adventure Wolfsheim and some follow-on about a cabal of evil snake-Scions collecting artifacts). My table has been really enjoying Scion. We didn't play 1st edition, but we all love the setting and the variant of the Story* rules that Scion uses. My players (using original characters) kind of prefer to play at a more "action hero with enhancement" level, rather than focusing on their big supernatural abilities, but we've had a couple of wonders used at appropriate moments. I've found that they definitely could have busted out with Purviews more often, but are kind of holding back.

    These are all warm-ups to my big thing, an urban fantasy/ tian xia mix set in Hong Kong. The players have already given me character concepts and a campaign framework, but we're waiting on character creation until my CtL mini-chronicle is done.


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      I mastered my first Scion Origin last week.
      It was a one player/one storyteller game and my friend play an mexican archeologist (with Lara Croft influence) who don't know (yet) she's the daughter of quetzalcoatl.

      It was full of action, with some investigation to find a Tezcatlipoca ritual mask before it was used to free a Tzitzimime (a titanspawn) jailed in one of the smoking mirror hidden temple.

      If you speak french, you can find a report of the game here: