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    Alright, so, this was something that I started... god it would've been a two years ago now, back in 2016. I started trying to make it a full, official pantheon sheet for 1e but found that making one was a lot more work than I expected and ended up quitting. I picked it back up this year, figuring that I could add upp small bits of content over time when I have nothing else to do, but couldn't really ever work up the motivation to do that. Now that the previews for 2e are out I think I might just wait to hear more about those 'official fan-made expansions' I think I remember reading mention of a while back before I start thinking of making a 'Baltic Pantheon' again.

    Still, I do kind of want to share what tiny bit of work I did manage to get done for this, so... here, for what little its worth.

    Now, something I had intended to include in the finished sheet was mention of the connection between the Dievai and the Vanir. On the surface level, they're both pantheons with heavy connections to nature and prophecy (particularly emong the females) but it runs deeper than that.

    The Dievai are the pantheon of the Lithuanian, Latvian and 'Old Prussian' peoples located on the Baltic and they never really had good relations with the Germanics - there was, of course, raiding from the Norse/Vikings coming from the Baltic Sea, but there were also Germanic tribes coming in and taking over & settling in 'Baltic land' (some in the modern Baltic countries, some in places that belong to Poland and Germany in modern times). The Balts fought back, though; Sigurdr Ring supposedly had to defend from invading Curonians, Gotland has ruins and towns with baltic names and there's lots of evidence supporting the idea that the Swedes and Estonians were constantly raiding each other (though Estonians aren't Balts). The point is the Balts (and their Finno-Ugric neighbours) were in conflict with the Norse and lost territory in 'mainland Europe' to Germanic tribes, which can serve as an "real world explanation" for the Aesir and the Vanir's conflict and why the Aesir ultimately won in the myths.

    Some other connections between the Vanir and the Dievai are the similarities between Norse mythology's Sol and Mani, respectively the female sun and male moon embodiments who are sometimes portrayed as being members of the Vanir, and Baltic mythology's Saule and Meness, the goddess of the sun and god of the mood, respectively & the fact that both of them feature a world tree in their cosmology. There are probably a couple of other things I planned to include but can't remember right now, but the point of this was that - while its a little flimsy and probably isn't historically accurate - one way you could include the Dievai in your game is to have them be the 'real identity' of the Vanir.

    The Dievai also obviously have a rather close connection to the Bogovi, so making them a sub-pantheon of the Slavic gods would be an option. Or making them a conquered pantheon thats mostly been absorbed into Mantles. Or some Mantles that split off and started forming their own independent pantheon. Or giving them a relationship like the Orisha and the Loa have in 2e. Whatever floats your boat, really.

    But, uh, yeah. Here's what little I made of the Dievai, I wish I had more to present to you but I couldn't find the motivation and there might be a better way to do it with 2e. I'm sorry, but I hope that you can maybe get something useful out of this.

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    Very interesting having them tie into the Vanir I like it.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Have you considered including Bangputys and Giltine? Having done a small bit of research on the pantheon, those two initially struck me as being two of the most interesting members.