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Can Misogi Create a Scion?

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  • Can Misogi Create a Scion?

    practiced tenatively the last 3 years, and wanted to ask, Something I see a lot of references to in books ive read is undergoing misogi to bring out one's Kami nature and was curious if their was a way that could work in Scion.

    But way its written right now, a god would have to choose them to reward their piety, rather then their dedication peeling back the Kegare infesting their souls.

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    I don't think it works in the rules, but it would totally be something I would use in a game. A human becoming a god by their own dedication, sheer determination, or just being that awesome is one of my favorite ideas ever.


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      I would say that "bringing out one's Kami nature" would be the path of a Kami Saint, and misogi could be part of their practices. Perhaps they could then attain Legend on their own (like most Supernatural Paths), and work towards Demigodhood (though I have no idea how that transition would work).


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        oh thought id give everyone this link given the topic.


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          oh one more thing If a Scion DID arise through such means who would they probaly be approached by?

          Amateratsu, or her Dad since he invented misogi?

          or Sarutahiko since he's the god prayed to during misogi?

          oh just thought on this a way the gods could even NOTICE such an occurence?"
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