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    Has anyone looked into the Muisca Pantheon of the Andes as a potential pantheon for the game? They seem like they have a lot of potential. Wikipedia's page on them is actually very detailed, though it's Wikipedia so I have no idea how accurate any of it is. It would be cool to have them as another pantheon for the ever-under-represented South America, in addition to the Inca, Guarani and (hopefully) Mapuche, though I've actually found more info on them than I have for the Mapuche (at least in English). What do you guys think? ​

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    Any idea on the degree of cultural exchange going on with the Inca? I find the pantheon being ruled by a married Sun god and Moon goddess noteworthy given that they're also in the Andes - but then "sky fathers" are obviously common in the Ancient Near East without meaning that all the pantheons are so similar that they should be mantles of the same deities.

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      I honestly have no idea, though I suspect it's probably a sky father/Coyote style issue. The Andes are a pretty massive place, and I know they have way more cultural diversity than just the Inca. No pantheon is wholely isolated though, so I'm sure there's a common root somewhere. So, maybe? I'd love to research these guys more but information is still pretty scarce.