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    How would you guys go about interpreting the Rainbow Serpent for the game? I know it/they is similar to Coyote in that there is not a singular Rainbow Serpent, but several similar figures from a variety of cultures. The one 1E write-up I found for Aboriginese figures depicted the Rainbow Serpent as a Titan. Do you think that would be accurate, or should it/they be a god/gods, or even a Primordial?

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    Handling Auistralian native faiths is in general extremely difficult, due to the fact that large portions of them are a sacred secrets; there are things that can be publically known, but others are proprietary and hidden. I would hesitate before doing anything with these figures simply because of the difficulty of doing so and not unintentionally being disrespectful.


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      Plus there have been issues with writing those stories down. I recall an advocate telling my class that he had to compromise with the elders to disseminate their accessible lore through audio records, because "we speak our stories". Obviously that is just one group out of many, but I doubt they are alone with that line of thinking.

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