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Ancient Mythology: Get It Right!

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  • Ancient Mythology: Get It Right!

    I found this video called 7 Lies That People Say About Greek Mythology.

    So for any of you who care about that kind of stuff, have a look. ^_^

    Also, just so this doesn't become a one post thread, if anybody has any more input on clarifying misconceptions about myths and legends, feel free to pitch in!

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    Hades as the god of evil is probably my biggest pet peeve in terms of mythological inaccuracies. That being said, in many cases I'm largely okay with moderated changes to the myth in adaptations if they legitimately improve the story for whatever genre/audience/etc. it's being adapted for. I'm not going to criticize Rick Riordan for leaving out mention of some of the Theoi's more appalling behavior. Having Percy Jackson's dad be a serial rapist would have been problematic, to say the least, especially for a YA novel. I also have no problem with filling in the blanks for gaps in the actual lore, such as coming up with a clear history and characterizations for the Nementodevos and other "lost" pantheons would be nice, and probably absolutely necessary if we want to use them at all. That being said though, many misinterpretations are incredibly silly and pointless and clearly originate from creators not taking the time to do the proper research, and at worst can be incredibly disrespectful to the cultures of origin. So it's all about maintaining a balance.