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Kachinas- The Hopi Pantheon

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  • Kachinas- The Hopi Pantheon

    These guys were one of the first First Nations pantheons to come to my attention. They include some of the best-known and most popular North American deities, like Kokopelli, Masauwu, and Grandmother Spider. Hell, the pantheon would be worthy of inclusion just for the sake of having the badassness that is Masauwu alone. That being said, though several of its members repeatedly turn up in generalized, disorganized, lists of First Nations mythical figures, I'm having a little trouble researching the pantheon by itself, and figuring out who the rest of the primary members are. I know they've been brought up a few times on these forums, but I was wondering if anyone who was knowledgeable in this area would be willing to share the rest of the major members or tell me where I could research them. I know it's a huge pantheon and that there's a lot of potential options.