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  • Originally posted by Boquerini View Post
    I'm not sure if this is truly an errata or if I misunderstood something.

    On page 97 under "Step three: Skills"
    "Your character receives three dots in each Skill associated with
    their primary Path, two dots in each Skill associated with
    their secondary path, and one dot in each Skill associated
    with their tertiary path. These dots are cumulative for
    Skills associated with two Paths. If this gives a Skill more
    than five dots, redistribute the extra dot to another Path
    ." (Bolding is mine)

    If a character recives 3 dots for primary skills, 2 for secondary and one for tertiary, and a single skill cannot be associated with more than two paths, then the bolded text describes an inpossible situation.
    Skills can be associated with multiple paths


    • The rules for rising from prone while an opponent is within close range are given twice, once with the movement rules and once with the combat rules, and they are inconsistent:

      On pg. 72:
      if an opponent is engaging you in close range, they may make
      this difficult. If the opponent chooses to threaten your rise,
      any attacks you make on the same action after getting up are
      considered mixed actions, using the lower of your Athletics+
      Dexterity or Might and your relevant combat pool."

      On pg. 118:
      "However, if you are prone with an enemy
      in clash range then standing up gets more difficult. If there
      is an opponent in clash range with a prone character, then
      the prone character must stand up as part of a mixed action.
      Standing up is an Athletics roll with a Complication of 1.
      If the player fails to buy off the Complication, his character
      takes an Injury Condition as his opponents punishes his
      attempt to stand."

      The rules on 118 also contain two other apparent typos: "clash range" rather than "close range" and "his opponents punishes" instead of "his opponent punishes" or "his opponents punish."


      • There are conflicting rules for Ambush (pp. 118) and "Surprise Attacks" (pp.120)

        Call Me Ray.

        Southern Gothic - Welcome to New Calais

        Who Wants to Live Forever – Highlander in the World of Darkness


        • On RichT's recommendation, I'm posting this here:

          It concerns me that the movement rules which are relevant in combat, including entirely combat-specific actions like Disengage, Rush, and Utilize Cover, are only given in Chapter 2, starting on page 72, while the rules for every other aspect of combat are in Chapter 4, starting on page 115. Furthermore, the movement actions reference range bands, which are only explained in the combat section, pgs. 119-120. This placement is inconvenient even in the PDF format, with bookmarking, and I can only imagine it would be even more frustrating when using a physical text.


          • I'm sure others have already caught many of these, but here's my list

            Page 3: One of the messages in the image says "Shear physical perfection" instead of "Sheer physical perfection". It's unlikely he's talking about scissors. It's also totally reasonable that Donnie would use the wrong word. There's also "Donnie's got stlye" and "have yo baby", which again may be deliberate.
            Page 9: Aos Si doesn't seem to have an acute on the 'i'
            Page 9: Cu Sith doesn't have the grave on the 'u' or 'i', but the Cu Sidhe form (Irish) looks like it would have an acute on the 'u' (I don't have a decent source to be sure on the Irish version). Some sources leave out the graves entirely when used in English. If modified here, the entry on page 167 should be updated as well.
            Page 9: Issue with "The Yoruba Pantheon" (missing unicode character?)
            Page 9: Deva should have an acute, rather than a grave
            Page 9: Shen should either have an acute here, or it should be excluded in the rest of the book.
            Page 11: "very different place than the anything" should probably be "very different place than anything"
            Page 12: Possible error in "blessings upon mankind... while" where perhaps the ellipsis was supposed to be a comma. While ellipsis is occasionally used to indicate a long pause, it should be preceded by a space in that case.
            Page 15: Under Carnivale, "The world" should be "The World" or "the world" depending on which one you're talking about
            Page 16: Terra Incognitae isn't the proper plural form of Terra Incognita, since you would make the noun plural as well as the adjective (Terrae Incognitae). However, Terra Incognitae does look better for a non-Latin reader, and if you're making it your own term, I suppose you can decide on your own plural form.
            Page 22: I didn't find an authoritative source that matched the spelling used for Lugh Lamhfhada's epithet (Lamhfhada). However, various sources spell it differently, and if your spelling was intentional, it's probably fine and will be familiar to players of various video games.
            Page 27: "just desserts" should be "just deserts" (from deserve)
            Page 34: "A Primordial's inhabitants are include Elementals" should exclude either the "are" or the "include"
            Page 36: Under Overworld Gates, "and the exceptions are either pass through" should exclude the "are" (or perhaps pass should be another word?)
            Page 37: I'm assuming the "ao si" is supposed to be "aos si". If so, since "aes sidhe" was the term used earlier in the book, perhaps the same term should be used in both places. The earlier reference could be changed instead. The term "aos si" seems more correct, while the older "aes sidhe" is likely more familiar. Aos Si is also the Antagonist entry.
            Page 40: Should yokai and Jizo have a macron over the 'o'?
            Page 41: If dodaem is intended to be the same thing as doodem, it's an infrequent spelling. Similarly, Anishinaabeg seems more common than Anishinaubaek.
            Page 42: The 'o' with a macron in Teotl didn't show up here for me in one reader, and showed up oddly in another. This could just be an issue with the readers I'm using.
            Page 42: Should ollamaliztli have a macron over the 'o'?
            Page 42: Possibly, tzitzimime should be tzitzimimeh instead
            Page 43: I believe Jaen should have an acute on the 'e'
            Page 44: I believe the tilde belongs over the 'a' in Sao, rather than the first 'a' in Salvador.
            Page 45: Under Varanasi, the term Kami is not capitalized, as it is in the rest of the book.
            Page 48: "This may be one the reasons Titans" should be "This may be one of the reasons Titans"
            Page 51: Text ends abrubtly after "irritation in an oyster"
            Page 57: In the Rolling Dice sidebar, "The Storyguide might determine the Approach while the player decides the Approach". I'm assuming the first of these was supposed to be "Arena" (from text on pages 61 and 62), though the Forming a Dice Pool section seems to indicate the player just gets to choose the Attribute.
            Page 60: Under Medicine, there's a switch from "Their" to "she". Under Pilot, while the "They" pronoun isn't used, the "he" and "his" don't match the style of the other entries.
            Page 61: Under Survival 1, Survival 5, and Technology 5, the feminine pronoun is used. I don't have any objection to any particular choice of pronoun, but it looks like an effort was made to use "they" for this section (particularly for Techonology 5 where "they" is also used).
            Page 66: In the Scale Level table's Speed Example for level 6, I believe "Dandu Morana" should be either "Dandu Monara" or "Dhadu Monara" (r and n swapped)
            Page 67: Under Stunts, the "complicated Stunt" and "difficult Stunt" are in italics, while the "enhanced Stunt" is not.
            Page 71: Under Action-adventure, perhaps the plural version Terra Incognitae should be used here.
            Page 72: Under Barriers in the Movement section, the suggested dice pool is "Athletics + Might or Finesse". Was this supposed to be "Athletics + Might or Dexterity"?
            Page 75: In the Investigation Example, the Greek version of "Amethysta" should be "Amethystos" (the Roman version is "Amethyste")
            Page 77: Under Intrigue "character's Attitudes" should probably be "characters' Attitudes"
            Page 79: Under Exerting Influence in the Encourage Belief paragraph, there should probably be an "or" between "Leadership (indoctrination)" and "Subterfuge (rumors)".

            There are some errors with the skill specializations which others have already mentioned.
            Page 85: Eric Donner has spent 21 skill points. If Step Six of character creation is unintended, this should be 18. If Step Six is intended, this should be 23. He also has not allocated the extra attribute point.
            Page 86: Near the end of the Background section, "The only one question remains" seems to have one too many words. Removing any one of "the", "only", or "one" makes the sentence work better. There's also a missing period at the end of the last sentence in the "Where's Xiutechutli" sidebar.
            Page 87: Emanuel Montero has spent 21 skill points. He has spent one fewer attribute points than Eric Donner (perhaps he should have another point in Composure). The extra attribute point from Step Six is not included either.
            Page 89: Hassan al-Hakim has spent only 17 skill points. It's likely some were supposed to go into Empathy. The extra attribute point from Step Six is not included. I expected his Movement Dice to be 5, since the section on Movement seems to let you use the better of Dexterity and Might.
            Page 91: Rashmi Bhattacharya is missing the 'h' in her last name. She has spent only 21 skill points. The extra attribute point from Step Six is not included. I expected her Movement Dice to be 5 (using Dexterity).
            Page 93: Rhiannon Jernigan has spent only 18 skill points. The extra attribute point from Step Six is not included.
            Page 94: In the section on deeds, "in-setting destines" should probably be "in-setting destinies"
            Page 94: "Since Deeds are an expression of intent towards and action" might have been intended as "towards an action"
            Page 97: The Character Creation Example under Attributes uses Reason rather than Intellect. For some reason, only 5 points are assigned the the Social Arena (3 Presence, 1 Manipulation, 1 Composure), so the final stats are off by one.
            Page 98: The Character Creation Example under Finishing touches indicates that Mao has three Injury conditions. I'm not sure if this is one lower than it should be, or if Taken Out is just not counted. There's also mention of the Athletics + Stamina pool, which is apparently 4. This would make sense if Mao had an Athletics of 2, but he doesn't appear to have this skill (though he did have 5 discretionary points, which may have been allocated to Athletics). Given the character sheet, I would expect the pool he's computing to be the Move pool, which the other characters base on Athletics + Might. Finally, it looks like he's using Composure for his Defense stat, which may be intended, but all of the other sample characters restricted themselves to Stamina for this.
            Page 104: The Sneak role and Technology Expert role list Enigmas as a skill (perhaps this is supposed to be Occult)
            Page 104: Under Supernatural Origin Paths, "Humans dominate The World, but they not the only" should be "but they are not the only"
            Page 106: Under Wireless Interface, "Electronic devices respond you without needing to touch them" should be "respond to you without needing to touch them" or simply "respond without needing to touch them"
            Page 106: Under Guardian "Mortal Guardian Knacks gift you with the vast fortitude and sharp senses, to better protect" should either exclude the comma, or be "gift you with vast fortitude and sharp senses, to better protect" (excluding "the")
            Page 107: Under Hunter, there is an instance of kami that is not capitalized
            Page 111: Under the Trickster Knack, "In Sheep's Clothing", "When you disguise yourself, you do without needing to roll" should be "you do so without needing to roll"
            Page 112: Well Tempered references the "Armored" Tag. Should this be Soft (1)?
            Page 112: Under Character Advancement, "The Storyguide have more control" should be "has more control"
            Page 116: Under Attack Resolution, item 5, "The next player's takes their turn" should be "The next player's character takes their turn" or perhaps "The next player takes their turn". Since the next slot may be an SGC slot, perhaps it would be best as "The next character takes their turn".
            Page 117: The Grapple section lists a Skill of "Agility (Might)". Was this supposed to be Athletics or Close Combat? The Grapple sidebar seems to have a different mechanism of escaping the grapple than the Break Free stunt. I'm also confused by the 1s cost of Break Free, given that the cost seems to either be 0s or the number your opponent spent. The Position stunt mentions Dodge, but that's not defined (we already need to overcome defense for all of these stunts).
            Page 118: Under Ranged Attack, the Disarm stunt mentions the "near" range increment, which should probably be "Short"
            Page 118: Under Modifiers to Attack / Defense Actions, there are three mentions of "clash range", which should probably be "Close range"
            Page 118: Under Ambush, "roll Agility + Dexterity" should perhaps be "roll Dexterity + Subterfuge"
            Page 120: In the table entry for Long range, perhaps Discipline was meant to be Resolve. Overall, the textual portion doesn't match the table.
            Page 125: Motorcycle Jacket referenced Armored. Should this be Soft (1)?
            Page 146: The Armor box states that Soft Armor increases Defense. For players, it instead increases the successes needed for the Inflict Damage stunt. Increasing Defense makes stunts like Disarm more difficult, which may not be intended.
            Page 170: Freya's Callings entry includes several Purviews
            Page 171: Persephone purviews are bold
            Page 171: Artemis callings doesn't have the background, and Purviews does
            Page 173: Footer should probably be Netjer|Kami|Tuatha de Denann, since those are the sections started on these two pages
            Page 174: Orisha should have graves instead of acutes
            Page 174: Yoruba may not need any diacritical marks, but if you do use them, I believe the 'o' should not have a mark, while the 'u' has a grave and the 'a' has an acute.
            Page 174: Oduduwa didn't get the background for the Callings line.
            Page 174: Oshossi didn't get the right formatting: Callings and Purviews should be in bold; Callings should have a background; Oshossi should have a background
            Page 178: "Wits and Perception and folded" should be "Wits and Perception are folded"

            It would be nice if the Purviews were always in alphabetical order.
            I did not check any of the God names for proper diacritics.

            Other notes and questions:
            Page 58: A bulked-up power lifter (Physical 3) with the Force Favored Approach (Might 5) who is an Olympic athlete (Athletics 5) will average 3.33 successes, and succeeds at lifting two microwaves about 2/3rd of the time. This should be typically achievable by a Might 1, Athletics 0 mortal.
            Page 65: In the scale section, the mention of "astra weapon" is the only one in this book (those with access to Hero may understand it's a relic).
            Page 67: In the Stunts section, there's a prohibition on benefiting the same Skill/Attribute combination. It's possible the intent is that after your Stunt using Dexterity + Athletics, you can benefit your teammate's Dexterity + Athletics, but if so, that's unclear.
            Page 72: Under Utilize Cover in the Movement section, it isn't clear if the "simple roll" indicates that this is a simple action.
            Page 73: Under Procedurals, one of the examples is "engage in intrigue". Normally, this would be a decent example, but since Intrigue is one of the three areas of action, it's odd to use it here.
            Page 74: Given that the Greco-Roman pantheon (Theoi) uses Hades rather than Pluto (Kerberos is generally associated with Hades), perhaps this should be changed to "child of Hades" instead of "child of Pluto".
            Page 74: Under Finding Clues "There is a variety of ways" is more typically written "There are a variety of ways". The version you have isn't wrong per se, but goes against the AMA Manual of Style.
            Page 83: Under Ready-made Characters "Each character has used some experience to buy two additional Knacks". Given Step Six of character creation, this does not seem to require any additional experience.
            Page 85 et al.: This character sheet has two Bruised slots and two Injured slots. Given the effect of Stamina on Health described on page 98, I would expect three Bruised slots and only one Injured slot (with one or two of the Bruised slots being unavailable to most characters)
            Page 97: Under Skills, "If this gives a Skill more than five dots, redistribute the extra dot to another Path Skill." isn't applicable, given the rule on page 96 that "Any given Skill can be associated with at most two of your Paths."
            Page 97: Under Skills, the explanation of Momentum granted by a failed roll with a Specialty implies that the failed Ability roll does not need to match the Specialty (e.g. the character with a Specialty in Pistols misses with a Rifle, and since she's failed a roll with an Ability in which she has a Specialty, she gets 2 Momentum). It's also unclear what the Ability keyword is here, though I suspect it was meant to be Skill.
            Page 107: In the Healer Knack "With A Glance", there is a shift from "you" to "she". Similarly on page 109 in the Leader Knack "Captain of Industry", "You can inspire a number of people equal to her Leadership" has the same shift.
            Page 112: Under Character Advancement, "spending momentum" should be "spending Momentum"
            Page 115: Under Attack Resolution, item 3 "Spend successes to overcome the target's Defense, the attack is successful." is confusing. Perhaps this was meant to bridge into the next sentence: "If the attack is successful, spend additional successes on Stunts."
            Page 116: The Inflict Damage stunt for Close Combat includes the Armor, but the Grapple, Ranged Attack, and Thrown Attack do not include this. It's not really necessary to mention it, since it is mentioned in the Armor section, but including it for one type and not the others implies that Armor only applies to Close Combat.
            Page 118: The Ranged Attack Pin stunt seems like it would always be added to any successful attack at a cost of 0s. It's also odd that the Thrown Attack knockdown (Line Drive) goes against Might while the Ranged Attack knockdown (Knock Down) goes against Stamina.
            Page 124: Under Armor Tags, if all of the tags count as Armored, it seems like you could save a point by skipping Soft (1), assuming that's the same thing
            Page 149: Attack - Can the Antagonist act while maintaining Dread Gaze? Mixed actions and Move without using a basic action are disallowed, but what about other actions, like attacking?
            Page 180 (back cover): This references "the World" rather than "The World" as in the rest of the book
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            • Not 100% if this is an oversight worth errata or an intentional decision already made, but should Nuwa the Snake Goddess have Beasts (snake) as a purview?


              • Originally posted by ubik2 View Post
                I'm sure others have already caught many of these, but here's my list......SNIP!!!!!!!!!
                Good Lord Man!!! And well done. On my first pass through I missed about 60% of these.

                Having said that, not sure if it has been mentioned before but on p.g. 150 there's a mention of awareness and cunning for a roll. I looked and unless there's a passive awareness trait or something like 5e...which I also have not seen, I don't think awareness is an actual skill
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                • I am relatively convinced someone must have found this by now but I didn't see it here:
                  P. 57 "Forming a Dice Pool" Refers to Finesse as Control on two occasions.
                  "displays their Force, Control, or Resilience in that area"
                  "it may also be a test of mental control"

                  Also, throws from a grapple are extremely contradictory and confusing. This covers the grapple sidebar on p.117, the throw stunt on the same page and the Throwing paragraph on p.118.
                  The sidebar says, you can throw a grappled target with opposed Athletics + Might, winning ties. The paragraph on 118 mentions lifting with Athletics + Might, which isn't opposed, as weight is static.
                  More importantly though, the sidebar allows a grappler to just throw their victim (as a simple action, I assume) whereas the Stunt has you pay successes from the Grapple action. As I understand it, Grapple replaces Close Combat Attacks against an already grappled target (as opposed to starting a grapple, which is done with CCA). It works with Agility + Might, which probably means Athletics + Might, as Agility doesn't exist. It's also the only attack action to list the relevant Attribute in parentheses behind the skill. This has you overcome the target's defense to perform Grapple Stunts, including Throw. This version needs at least one success to throw [Might] meters + 1 meter per extra success, which is the only indication of the range of this throw from a grapple, so let's use it.
                  1. Why would you need to succeed on the Grapple action and spend successes on a stunt to throw your victim if just being in control let's you throw them right away?
                  2. Why do you not need to be able to lift your opponent for this stunt?
                  3. How do you determine the distance on the sidebar throw, when there are no successes from a Grapple action to pay for it?
                  4. Why does the grappler win ties on the opposed roll from the sidebar, when normally, defenders win?
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                  • Not sure if this is an errata for Origin or Hero, but Origin references "Calling Crisis" on page 153 as a possible source of Tension Pool, indicating it's defined in Hero. This term doesn't appear in either book again - and should probably be in Origin, if it's a rule that is intended for use in Origin games.

                    EDIT: Looking at it closer, this probably refers to changing Callings through Failure and Adoption Deeds, but neither seems to give Tension as currently defined in the Hero Draft. Likewise, the other source of Tension on 153 of the Origin book references resolving Conditions as a source of Tension, but resolving conditions only appears to give momentum.
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                    • Hm, another note on character creation. The paragraph at the top of pg. 98 is messy, but I'm not sure which way it should be corrected. It presently reads...

                      Choose one Calling from the list below or Supernatural
                      Origin Path. If your character is a pre-Visitation Scion, this
                      Calling must come from their divine patron’s three Favored
                      Callings. It also determines the source of your Knack. Choose
                      from a Calling list that seems appropriate (e.g. Trickster for a
                      Kitsune, Hunter, or Warrior for an Amazon, etc.) and assign
                      it one dot.
                      The sentence which begins with "Choose from a Calling list that seems appropriate" obviously refers to creating a Denizen / creature of Legend character due to its parenthetical examples, but it isn't introduced smoothly. In fact, I must say that I'm confused as to whether the Denizen creation rules are intended to be in Chapter 3 at all, or if they were all supposed to be moved to the Supernatural Paths Appendix. "Creatures of Legend" are mentioned on pg. 94 in the Concept step, and they're clumsily mentioned there in the Callings and Knacks section on pg. 98, and pg. 104 gives a brief introduction for Supernatural Origin Paths and then refers you to the Appendix for everything other than pre-Visitation Scion, but I believe those are the only references. It's possible that the bits on 94 and 98 are textual artifacts, and 104 is meant to be the arrow pointing toward Denizen rules for those Storyguides and players who want them, or maybe they're meant to be more clearly present as an option throughout the whole chapter. I'm not sure.
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                      • Been going through the Supernatural Paths, here's what I've found:
                        • It is not clear if the Adjusted Paths still give access to the base Path's knacks.
                        • The 'Armorbound' (Warrior knack) in the Classical Amazon write up does not exist (pg 167)
                        • The 'Their Fort Standing (Guardian Knack)' in the Shieldmaidan write up does not exist (pg 168)


                        • And another one: The Break Up Grapple stunt and the Grappled condition (pg 116-117) disagree on how to get out of being grappled.


                          • Hello,

                            I've been combing through things and while I still have other items to double check before I post them I did want to slot in what I could.
                            Page 11 - The World of Legend exists alongside The world of humanity. -> It should either be The World of Humanity, or the world of humanity.

                            Page 12 - "ready to devour hapless mortals who stopped at the wrong spring to drink or took the wrong paths through the dark, deep woods." -> Shouldn't this be deep, dark woods instead of dark, deep woods?

                            Page 15 - "Carnivàle’s miracles are low and slow, never quite making the “rubes” wise to the nature of The world they inhabit." -> nature of The world is weirdly capitalized, should it be The World or the world, either way - needs consistency.

                            Page 16 - "The Gods long ago retreated from the mortal World" -> World is capitalized but mortal is not, If referencing a formal reference then it should be Mortal World, or if not intended to be - should be mortal world.

                            Page 16 - "Legendary creature: Any non-human being related to the mythic World," -> should be either Mythic World or mythic world.

                            Page 16 - each instance of a term not capitalized.

                            Page 30 - "They almost possess powerful" - should be "They almost all possess"

                            Page 34 - "but even Primordials binding Fire and Darkness..." - this is awkward with the use of Binding - should pick a different word to describe this that fits the sentence - such as "But even Primordials of Fire and Darkness" or "But even Primordials who embody Fire and Darkness.."

                            Page 34 - "A Primordial's inhabitants are include..." - should be altered to say either "A Primordial's inhabitants include" or "A Primordial's inhabitants can include..".

                            Page 36 - " the exceptions are either pass through other realms attuned to" - should be "the exceptions either pass through..." - remove are as the flow of the rest of the sentence is specific to describing what the exceptions DO, not what they actually are.

                            Page 49 - "This isn’t a just a war of ideals," - remove the first a, should read "This isn't just a war of ideals..."

                            Page 57 - Under Rolling the Dice 2. "The Storyguide might determine the Approach while the player decides the Approach" One of the instances of "Approach" should be Arena. I assume based on the formatting of later wording it should say "The Storyguide might determine the Arena while the player decides the Approach"...

                            Page 57 - "displays their Force, Control, or Resilience" - I believe "Control" should be "Finesse"

                            Page 59 - The text for Leadership (Copied here) appears to be different in size or font than the rest of the same text throughout the skill pages. "Leadership is a knowledge of..."

                            Page 61 - The text for Technology (Copied here) appears to be different in size or font than the rest of the same text throughout the skill pages "Technology represents the..."

                            Page 66 - "a master swordswoman might be able a cut everything within reach" - This should be altered to read as either "might be able to cut everything" or "may be able to cut everything within reach". the word "a" is either incorrect or the phrase should be modified to remove it.

                            Page 69 - FAILURE - has a weird graphic distortion on the LUR where it is unclear if that is intentional or if it is accidental, the U appears to be angled and slightly above the other letters.

                            Page 70 - MOMENTUM - the TUM has a weird graphic on the U same as on page 69.

                            Page 70 - which can hold up to (twice the number of players) at a time. - This is formatted strangely as you do not need to add the parentheses but should clarify "which can hold up to twice the number of players in Momentum at a time."

                            Page 72 - When it’s relevant, an unimpeded human on foot can move a number of feet each turn equal to twice their Athletics + their highest Physical Attribute. - I would try to clarify this so it is exceedingly clear. Is the intent "(2xAthletics) + Highest Physical Attribute, or is the intent 2x(Athletics+Physical Att)? I would spell this out in specificity for the sake of text rather than leave it potentially ambiguous.

                            Definitely let me know if there is any question regarding these notes.



                            • The Ready Made Character Eric, on p. 85, has the Knack Tempered, which is probably supposed to be Well Tempered.

                              Emanuel, on p. 87, has listed the knacks Bold Introduction and Inspirational Aura. I can't find either in Origin, though Inspirational Aura does appear in the Hero preview as a copy of Captain of Industry.

                              Hassan, on p. 89, has "Healer with the Hands of God", which is probably supposed to be "Surgeon with the Hands of God". He also has Instant Diagnosis, which I can't find in Origin, but does appear in Hero.


                              • Page 123 - the weapon tag Brutal is not bold.

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