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    So with the PDF now out to backers, one of the newest things we get to look at is that which can sometimes be more than a thousand words, or the pictures. I actually prefer the slightly rougher pieces and I actually recognize Shen Fei's style from 7th Sea (and I like Fei's depictions both here and in that game). Some of the more cleaner looking pieces I am not so sure about, but give me some time and I might put my thoughts together better.

    But I was curious what other's might think

    How can I know if what I claim I know to be true is rejecting the idea that there is something I might not know? How can I know if what I claim I don't know to be true is rejecting the idea that there is something I do know?

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    I don't want to be mean, but I feel the art is terrible. If I saw this book on the shelf in stores and I was flipping through it, the art would turn me off to the idea of buying it. As someone that sometimes buys books strictly for the art direction, I would put this back on the shelf. The poses are stiff and don't feel human or organic. They seem torn between being realistic and being 'art'. The art direction of original Scion was much better. I don't know if posting examples would be out of order, so I'll err on the side of caution and not do so.


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      Not wanting to be mean, but I agree with FrostFox. I felt that the art (both page design, the images and the design of the character sheet) very uninspired. There are some cool ones, like the one with the Nordic Forger (pg. 77) and the one with the Giant coming from the mountain (pg. 47) , but the majority are at best mediocre at worst weirdly drawn (pg 25). In my opinion, of course.

      Also, FrostFox, if you want to cite the images, I think saying the pg number is a good way to not break any rule but still give the example.


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        Well let's see...
        Cover - It's good. Just wanted to give some appreciation because I do like the cover of the book.
        pg. 17 - It looks like CGI that was painted over in photoshop, particularly around the woman's face.
        pg. 20 - It's just too....clean and bright. Broken concrete and crumpled cars but the street is perfectly clean and everything is so bright.
        pg. 61 - This is presumably Eric Donner but he looks like Theodore Bagwell from Prison Break or Trevor from GTA V. It's so far off the original character's appearance that it's hard to tell if not for the tattoos. On page 84 his tattoos are on his right arm while in page 61's piece they're on his left. Page 136 it's also on his left. Page 17 he doesn't even have them but that could be a chronological thing and he didn't have them at that point. On the cover of 1e Scion - Hero the tattoos are on his left side. I could conclude from this that Page 84 has the tattoos on the wrong side.
        p.64 - The poses feel too stiff and awkward. And her hands are barely gripping that car. It looks like it's practically floating away from her rather than her lifting it.
        p.68 - Dude's face is like 'whut?' and it's used in a lot of the examples in the character creation section so I couldn't help but cringe every time I saw it.
        pg. 112 - If he's being thrown outward why is glass exploding inwards? Also looks like it's broken before he's even hit it. Not to mention his face is hilarious and memeworthy.


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          It might just be because I'm coming from Exalted as my most recent real exposure to Onyx Path art, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality level in Origins. Not all of it is great, but it generally works.


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            If i have to pick a favorite. Its definitively the ice giant one on page 47. I also really like the full pages art in the beginning of each chapter (the one with Aaron investigating a murder being my favorite of those).

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              I think we have to remember that character likeness was one of the Kickstarter goals. A few of the overly done art pieces are probably due to that (e.g.: p. 112). All that said, I prefer the art direction in 1e as well, but I have far more concerns with the mechanical problems than the art.