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  • 1st to 2nd edition "lore" questions

    I was wondering about the plots in 1st edition and their "re-usability" in 2nd edition. With Scion Companion coming around, we probably can know more about most of them, particularly the Order of Divine Glory (one of my personal favorites in Scion 1st). Thanks to the spirit of "All myths are true" I believe they are perfectly usable now in 2nd edition. If much, with some minor adjustments here and there. So, just asking, would be the question about: "Make Monotheist faiths as a general villains" would be a problem these days?

    Btw, I would really love/use some scenerio/adventure ready made for Scion. I remember to read about one with a prophetess Scion of Ra being murdered and the Band/players being sent to investigate the question. There's some chance of this come true?

    And reading the Origin's pdf at moment. Really loved the couple Ellie/Maura. Representativity being made and that's important. Hope we get more of them in the future. #GoElliAura

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    Originally posted by Hayashi View Post
    So, just asking, would be the question about: "Make Monotheist faiths as a general villains" would be a problem these days?
    I think that making Monotheistic faiths villains would certainly be a problem these days. Now that Scion has moved in a direction of approaching the faiths it addresses in the game respectively, such things don't work amazingly. One of the Pantheons in Scion: Hero can be read as Monotheistic, and one of the Pantheons that might be in Scion: Companion based on what Neall has said in the Ask Neall thread can also be interpreted that way depending on an individual member of the faith's personal perspective, the Òrìshà and the Yazata respectively.

    There are an enormous amount of faiths around the world that qualify as Monotheistic, such as the religion of the Ashanti people, and any religion that has an Over-God controlling the flow of power to their underlings, such as the Haida, can be read in the same way. These faiths are not any more or less aggressive than others inherently. The Theoi and the Hittite Gods, both Polytheistic Pantheons, are hyper aggressive proselytizers stealing, replacing, and dominating local religious practice for instance.

    I would suggest in general avoiding concepts such as making the monotheistic faiths villains as it is a bit reductivist in its approach. There are Monotheistic entities who are rather aggressive that might make good antagonists for a game, such as Aten or Aššur, but that is due to their own personalities and religious role rather than simply being Monotheistic entities. Nyame from the Ashanti is a lovely man who watches over reality benevolently, and Ahura Mazda (though not all Zoroastrians are monotheistic, some are, and I wanted to include him here) is a very reasonable and good person.

    I always found the Order of Divine Glory from 1e silly, and didn't make very much sense. They could probably be reworked into an antagonist, but keep in mind that there is an overwhelming amount of variation within the Abrahamic faiths, let alone a single branch of the triad, to make a single monolithic villain out of them. The Cathars, the Catholics, the Calvinists, the Irish Churches, all had entirely different approaches to things. (And all hated each other for it at points such as the crusade called against the Cathars, and the wars of religion in Europe)
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    Scion 2e Homebrew Projects:
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    The Enduri: the Pantheon of the Manchu Peoples.
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    The Abosom: The Pantheon of the Ashanti.


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      Monotheist villains work well and good.

      It’s treating monotheism as monolith that the writers have said they want to avoid. You can have the Order of Divine Glory without them being the “truth” behind all monotheism.

      Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow