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  • Scion Larp?

    I distinctly remember there being a Larp version unlocked but since then I don't really remember anything else on the topic being spoken of. I have tried looking up Scion larp in search terms and I get nothing. So has that part of the kickstarter been cancelled? Postponed due to the sheer time it took for the main rules getting written? I am curious because I have a feeling a new well supported Larp could go over REALLY well at the current moment in time.
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    Right now they have only just started the first drafts of SCION COMPANION and Neall is only starting the outline of Scion: Demigod outline. (cite: July Update on kickstarter)

    they are probably not talking about it because they have just not started anything yet.

    my guess is that it is going to be one of the last things to be done, either around the same time as Scion:God or just after it. as that is the time that makes the most sense so that they can adapt all the rules from all the books at the same time.

    that is just a guess though. I have nothing to do with anything. so don't quote me.


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      IIRC, the LARP stretch goal came about because one of the companies that supports Larping approaches OP directly about doing a Scion LARP. So there's definitely interest. I think they're just waiting til the system is all squared away before they go into active development.

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        Thanks! I was just making sure I wasn't going crazy or it was some mis-remembered dream.