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  • Conditions?

    This isn't exactly an errata, so I'm not putting it in the errata thread, but... shouldn't there be more sample Conditions in the core book? I just checked, and so far the only Conditions listed are the two Path Conditions on p. 101 and the Injury Conditions on p. 121. (and as I have mentioned in the errata thread, the latter are inconsistent with the weapon tags a couple of pages later.) It would be nice if there were a few more. You shouldn't assume that everyone who plays Scion will have access to other Storytelling or Storypath System games to crib from.

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    EDIT: On second glance, I've discovered a number of explicit references to conditions like "Befuddled," which aren't printed anywhere in the book. Posting these in the errata thread.


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      I took it as you're mostly supposed to make up conditions as you go along. Though, maybe more examples would help identify what's balanced vs not. Not strictly necessary though, as the hangover condition or something might affect 2 different PCs differently.