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Where did these skills go?

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  • Where did these skills go?

    I've noticed that there are still big nods to deities of certain aspects, but the skill that subsumes their field is gone. No Art, no Animal Ken, no Craft. I understand why Craft is gone (you can just use the skill that governs the thing you are crafting), but I don't see why Art and Animal Ken are gone? What skill are we intended to use instead? Academics seems a poor fit for painting and Leadership seems a poor fit for convincing animals to do your bidding, but those are the closest fits. Is this like Shadowrun, we're expected to add to this list based on what is appropriate at our table or is there something else that I'm missing?

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    This has been answered before, but, briefly, use whichever skill best fits the situation based on what you're doing... If you're serenading someone to seduce them, roll Persuasion, if you're trying to capture someone's true emotions in a painting, use Empathy... If you're just singing a song or making a painting for no other reason than that your are, then so long as you have the relevant Path, assume you succeed and this does not need a roll... If for some reason you absolutely must have a roll, default to Culture.

    Same for animals... Persuasion works on them, as would Leadership if you were coordinating a dog team or something... Default to Survival seems fitting.


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      I was also wondering about why a perception/awareness skill went away, but in the game I've been running, I don't miss it. I like how Scion really minimizes the skills you need. Shadowrun actually drove me nuts with how super-specific the skills got, so maybe I'm on the rebound. I do think the broad skills in the game are better for "narrative justification", which I suppose is the point.