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Usability Issues With Scion: Origin Rulebook?

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  • Usability Issues With Scion: Origin Rulebook?

    I'm sorry to start a thread with a complaint, particularly since I'm excited about a lot of things in Scion 2E, but I do have an issue with the Origin PDF as it currently stands, and it isn't precisely "errata." It concerns me that the movement rules which are relevant in combat, including entirely combat-specific actions like Disengage, Rush, and Utilize Cover, are only given in Chapter 2, starting on page 72, while the rules for every other aspect of combat are in Chapter 4, starting on page 115. Furthermore, the movement actions reference range bands, which are only explained in the combat section, pgs. 119-120. This placement is incovenient even in the PDF format, with bookmarking, and I can only imagine it would be even more frustrating when using a physical text.

    I do understand that some of the non-Chase movement rules are relevant to non-combat "Action-Adventure" play, particularly Barriers and Difficult and Dangerous Terrain, but separating combat movement from the rest of combat, and movement-via-range-bands from the explanation of range bands, by 43+ pages, without repeating it closer at hand like the Initiative rules are repeated (given on both 71 and 115), is a decision I do not understand. It's not a make-or-break issue... I can work around it, and once everyone's familiar with the rules we shouldn't need to reference them very often... but it does seem like an element which would be particularly hard on newer players.

    Perhaps I'm overreacting. For those who have already started campaigns, have your players had any issues with the placement of the movement rules?

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    That counts as errata IMO, you should put this post into that thread.