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    Steven Brust's book "To Reign in Hell" has a very sympathetic Lucifer & co, although it has very different metaphysics from Scion. Not sure how much of it could be adapted.


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      This is really cool, but I do have one question: How exactly is a soul damned to Hell? It's never stated, there are just mentions of damned souls going to various Princes. One would think that El wouldn't want to feed a stream of new recruits to his enemy, so it's not really clear how or why they end up there.


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        That's a good question I hadn't considered at first. Off the top of my head, I would judge that there is an Angel of Judgment. Possibly Shekinah or Metatron. Possibly even Yeshua (Jesus) handles the judgment aspect now that he's done his first tour through mortality. I imagine El has a very strict criteria as to what qualifies for His ordered, regimented Heaven, and possibly Jesus is more merciful and understanding of human failings. The criteria hasn't judged, but Jesus is more inclined to recognize and understand mortal limits, frailties, and extenuating circumstances than whoever was handling it before. Still, there's a limit. Beyond a certain amount of sin, a soul is disqualified for Heaven and exiled to Hell. It's not ideal, but it's considered a temporary solution. Heaven believes that after the Final Battle they'll process those souls and send them off to the Lake of Fire, rejects who weren't worthy of El's mercy or His new World. Jesus argues for a more merciful approach to the damned and it is yet to be seen whether he'll be able to persuade El to a gentler way.


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          So, thanks to some constructive criticism, I've come to realize that Apollyon is actually an angel, and not a fallen one. So I replaced him with Belial. He has all the characteristics and abilities of the earlier Apollyon write-up, just a new name. Also, Phanuel is the Angel of Judgment, responsible for determining who goes to Heaven or Hell.

          I'm going to add a bit more about the Pantheon-specific purview in a moment.


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            Demonic Signature Purview: Harmatia

            Harmatia is a word that means "to err" or "to miss the mark". The Demons missed their mark by failing in the Great Rebellion. But humans also miss the mark every day, in myriad upon myriad of ways. The demons have learned that there is a type of mystic sympathy between their plight and the struggles of humanity, and by helping one another both can achieve their goals. By forming a contract with a person, the demon gains a means to manipulate Fate towards a specific purpose. The human gains what they desire, the demon gains a measure of power, and mystically links their souls in such a way that when the mortal dies, their connection ensures that the mortal's soul comes to reside with the demon in Hell. The contract can be spoken, written, even conveyed across the Internet if the contracting Scion so desires. The purview of Harmatia then, is the guiding of humanity to meet their mark and in so doing, bind the demons closer to the humanity they rebelled for and strengthen their might.

            Innate Power: When a Demon enters an area they become attuned to all the various sins and vices of the humanity nearby. The pride, greed, wrath, sloth, lust, gluttony, and envy of humans and supernatural creatures opens itself in the Scion's mind's eye like a sixth sense. While the Scion does not gain detailed knowledge of each individual case, they do get a general sense of who is controlled by what deadly sin, or mixture of deadly sins. This sixth sense gives a demon a -2 Difficulty modifier when it comes to attempts to get a person to act on or form a contract based on the sin (s) that are dominant in their heart at the moment.

            Know the Soul's Price
            Cost: Free
            Duration: One Scene
            Action: Complex

            Ask the Storyteller what one thing a given Storyguide character in the scene most desires, whether consciously or subconsciously. The Scion gains a +2 modifier on an attempt to form a contract with that person based around obtaining what the person most desires.

            Greasing The Wheels
            Cost: Spend 1 Legend
            Duration: One Session or Indefinite
            Action: Simple

            By imbuing more force into the contract the Scion speeds up the obtaining of what the mortal desires, but at the cost of the mortal becoming deeper and deeper in debt to the Scion. The mortal becomes a Follower of the Scion for at least one session, and the Scion can spend xp to permanently purchase that person as a follower at the same level of the Fatebond formed after the session ends.

            Your Soul Is Mine
            Imbue 1 Legend
            Duration: One Action
            Action: Simple

            By imbuing a legend, the Scion is able to briefly summon up the souls of those whose contracts they have fulfilled. If the person is still living, they experience this as an out-of-body sensation. Otherwise the souls of the damned rise from Hell. While summoned, the Scion can communicate with and command these souls as if they had the Death Purview (even if they do not), and draw upon the bonds of their contract to gain a +2 enhancement on any one roll.