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    This is my take on the Siren, it should be clear that my version of the world isn't quite as open as the World shown in the books. The gods have been away for generations (some millennia, aligning with their religions fall from prominence, though they do survive to the modern day) though not completely absent, Scions and saints pop up all the time just not in any real numbers, and they tend to be, ahem, short lived.

    The Occult Underground is still very real (and sadly, almost completely unknown to the players just now... next game, bwahahaha) and denizens are doing their thing in the shadows. Most (those who pass for human until their Legend grows) live among the mortals, their "nature" either unknown to them or relegated to superstition until Fate takes notice. Those denizens that cannot pass for mortals (like the scions below) are recognized by the very real and well regarded field of Cryptozoology (if a better name exists that'd be great) which is separate from Zoology in that it has to acknowledge that certain creatures have biological processes that defy scientific explanation (like the Hydra in the Hero preview). There is no actual masquerade, BUT the nature of Ichor, the blood of not just gods and titans, but also the more powerful denizens, scions and monsters, causes the bodies to unravel (Unless the tale deems it important that they become incorruptible like with saints) which means that if you were to, say, kill a siren and try to take it to the authorities than you'd be dropping by with what looked like a horribly mutilated corpse and a bunch of extra bones that seem to belong to a large bird of pray after about an hour or so.

    Anyway with all that in mind, The Siren

    The Sirens of the Tyrrhenian Sea were a long thought extinct bread of large songbird related to the sparrow, noted for their hypnotic singing voice. Legends dating as far back as Pliny swore that they’d become extinct or were complete fable, but archeological evidence discovered on the island of Ischia in 1838 reveal the bones of birds the size of crows with beakless, human-like, faces and vestigial foreclaws under the wings.

    The stories of them growing to human sized or being anthropomorphic was, of course left to confabulation and conjecture.

    The bones, it would turn out, belonged to juvenile members of the species, probably belonging to a child of about six months. Sirens take a full six years to mature, growing to between 4 ½ and 5 ½ feet, with large feathered wings, powerful foreclaws with claws capable of grasping and manipulating objects.

    These birds, possessed vocal cords far more advanced than any other species, allowing them to harmonize and even speak or sing multiple songs at once to duplicate human speech effortlessly while continuing their hypnotic song. Such music created fully realistic visual and auditory illusions and allowed them to lure their prey to their doom.

    Breeding rituals are like other birds with the males of their species, who are far rarer than the female, appearing once every four to six births, acting in a showy fashion. Once a female becomes pregnant however, things become different. The female lays a clutch of ten to twenty eggs which they then swallow, storing them in a special incubatory womb in their breast, keeping them there for as little as a week or for up to a month.

    They then seek out and seduce humans who they then sing into a deep and nigh unbreakable trance before regurgitating two to four eggs and bid the host to swallow.

    The eggs, thus swallowed, are digested over the course of an hour or so. The nestlings, each no longer than a half an inch, worm their way through the body to the heart, which they chew into and make their nests, it is unknown how the host survives this process, though it is known that the mother will continue to sing throughout the duration to keep the host calm and compliant.

    If there is no danger of doing so, they will allow the nestlings to mature on their own as much as a week later and eat their way out. During this time, they can eat up to three times their weight, growing at unheard of rates.

    If the mother does not believe that her new “nest” is safe, she will remove it to a place warm where she can care for it, in these cases, when the new fledglings emerge she has food waiting for them.

    The fledglings act as a flock for the next month, until they are roughly the size of a crow, around this time they’re song, which at birth is only capable of instilling a mind-numbing and disorienting cry, will have matured enough to be used to communicate and even hypnotize to a lesser degree. From this point they become largely solitary creatures, rarely forming into families of no more than three members. For this reason, hunting becomes relatively sparse and they spend the next six months growing to their full size and power. They also mature mentally during this time and prove very adept at human languages.

    The lifespan of the adult siren is currently unknown, but evidence suggests that they can survive in the mortal world for years, passing themselves off as normal humans. Their more, monstrous appetites only appear once a year, between July and September which is their nesting season.

    Siren (Female/Male)
    Archetype: Rival/Foe
    Qualities: Natural Weaponry, Flight, Twitchy
    Flairs: Here I come, I have Friends/Eye of the Swarm, Shapeshifter (beautiful young human), Hypnotic Charm
    Drive: Get laid, Make Babies, Eat People!
    Primary Pool 9 (7) Seduction, Flying, Scratching & Pecking
    Secondary Pool 7 (5) Persuasion, Survival
    Desperation Pool 5 (3)
    Health 3 (2)
    Defense 3 (2)
    Initiative 8 (7)

    Fledgling Siren Swarm
    Qualities: Natural Weaponry, Flight, Twitchy, Swarm
    Flairs: Here I come, Spray and Pray
    Drive: Feed, Protect Mother!
    Primary Pool 7 Seduction, Flying, Scratching & Pecking
    Secondary Pool 5 Persuasion, Survival
    Desperation Pool 3
    Health 4 (2 + 1 for each additional pair of birds)
    Defense 4
    Initiative 9

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