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    Could anyone provide information on the Imazighan, Pawnee, Malay, Miwok, Tehuelche, and Salish pantheons? I'd really like to use them, and I know of a couple gods for each, but info has proven quite scarce.
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    No info, but many North Africans consider the name Berber to be derogatory since it has the Greek root as "barbarian" and has been historically used disparagingly. Imazighan (singular Amazigh) is their preferred name for themselves.

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      Apologies. Thank you for the correction.


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        As far as I’m aware, the Amazigh people are not known to have had a collective singular mythic tradition beyond a distinct trend toward ancestor veneration that continues today integrated into Islam in the form of honoring of the marabouts (over the violent objection of Wahabists).

        Before Islam, they took part part in the religions and collected elements from other peoples in North Africa, including the honoring of Egyptian gods, Hellenic traditions, elements of Judaism, and of course the Punic religion (worship of the Elohim gods of Carthage).

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          There's not really anything left of Berber/Imaziɣen mythology. I can't speak on the Pawnee and Salish, nor on the peoples of Malaysia.

          On the Tehuelche, however, you can begin with: Wilbert, Johannes Simoneau e.a. (ed.): Folk literature of the Tehuelche Indians. Los Angeles 1984.

          On the Miwok:


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            Looking through the Miwok texts, there seems to be quite a number of deities, which they refer to as the First People. I have no idea which ones would qualify as major gods or not, but there's the potential for a very sizable pantheon.
            Ah-hā'-le the Coyote-man
            To-to'-kan-no Chief of the Valley People, who became the Sandhill Crane
            Ah-wahn'-dah Keeper of the Sun, who became the Turtle
            Tol'-le-loo the flute-player who became the White-footed Mouse
            Wek'-wek a Chief of the Valley People, who became the Falcon
            We-pi-ah'-gah a Chief of the Valley People, who became the Golden Eagle
            Mol'-luk who became the Condor
            Hoo'-a-zoo who became the Turkey Buzzard
            Hoo-loo'-e who became the Dove
            Te-wi'-yu who became the Red-shafted Flicker
            Wit'-tab-bah Keeper of the Fire, who became the Robin
            Hah-ki'-ah who became the Elk
            Hal'-loo-zoo who became the Antelope
            Sahk'-mum-chah who became the Cinnamon Bear
            Le'-che-che who became the Humming-bird
            Le-che-koo'-tah-mah who became another small bird with a long bill.
            Pe-tā'-le the Lizard-man
            Yu'-ka-loo the Meadowlark-man
            Sah'-win-ne the Hail Storm
            Nuk'-kah the Thunder Shower
            Os-so-so'-li Pleiades, one of the Star-women
            Ke'-lok the North Giant

            Too'-le the Evening Star, a Chief of the First People

            He-le'-jah the Cougar or Mountain Lion, another Chief, and partner of Too'-le
            Kah'-kool the Raven, who became a great hunter
            To-lo'-mah the Bobcat
            Yu'-wel the Gray Fox
            Oo-soo'-ma-te the Grizzly Bear-woman
            O-woo'-yah the Mother Deer


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              I know. They're on my list for the future.


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                It's hard to find a full pantheon of Malay deities because of the spread of Islam and Christianity later on the peninsula. There's Raja Angin, the god of thunder and some Chinese Malay deities that are popular in the community.

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                  Sacerdos, do you by any chance have a working name for the Miwok pantheon? I'm trying to find one, but not locating much.


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                    Originally posted by Wannabe Demon Lord View Post
                    Sacerdos, do you by any chance have a working name for the Miwok pantheon? I'm trying to find one, but not locating much.
                    Nope, sorry.