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Mithras, Lord of the Mysteries

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  • Mithras, Lord of the Mysteries

    Mithras, the Bull-Slayer, Great God of Soldiers, Friend of Sol, Lord of the Mysteries
    Aliases: Mithra, Mitra

    There are few gods more confusing than Mithras-of-the-Theoi. Some say he began as a Mantle of the Yazata Mithra, or the minor Deva Mitra, or both. (Both would, of course, be extremely strange.) He is sometimes said to be a Mantle of Helios or Sol - or both, again - but he is also clearly distinct from them and interacts with them. He is the chief god of the Mithraic Mysteries, which the Romans said came from Persia, yet which are unique to Rome. Many have pointed to strange similarities between his tales and those of Christianity, but the connection there, if any exists, is even more opaque than the ties to the Yazatas.

    Mithras’ imagery and iconography are unlike those of the gods he may have once been, and it is strongly suspected that a Scion took on the Mantle for themselves at some point. Mithras rarely speaks of it, and indeed rarely socializes even with the Theoi, other than Sol. He leads his cult by example, a brave warrior against evil, but quiet and mysterious. They often call upon his name in acts of mysticism and sorcery.

    The Cult of Mithras is popular among soldiers, and always has been. He was the god of the Roman Legions, and their legacy is often invoked among his cults. Mithras is a warrior god, and he favors those who are like him, with many of the cultic rites of the Mithraic Mysteries involving ritual reenactment of his myths - the slaying of the bull, the feasting with Sol, the birth from the rock, the calling forth of water from the stone. These myths and the secrets behind them form the most sacred secrets of the Mysteries, and each Mithraic sect has their own versions of them - so well kept that few non-members actually know the totality of Mithras’ stories. The cults are often linked by conspiracy theorists to the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians, but this is almost certainly nonsense.

    Mithras incarnates in forms that allow him to fight. He is a soldier, a general, a gang member, a martial artist. Always, he positions himself against some figure that harms people and must be defeated to protect people. Always, he is a secretive and mysterious person. He inspires others with his actions, as do his Scions. Like him, they tend to be quiet people who rarely speak of themselves - and like him, they tend to come from mixed heritage, with backgrounds in many cultures.

    Callings: Hunter, Liminal, Warrior
    Purviews: Beasts (Bull, Lion), Earth, Epic Strength, Fortune, Sun

    The Calling I'm least sure on is Liminal - I gave it to him for his status as being a god whose history could and probably does involve a mix of many, many cultural traditions, a 'foreign' god who is also uniquely Roman.

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    Treating him as Theoi feels so weird to me because it’s not like he has any interaction with their myths. Even Janus intervened to aid Romulus (son of Mars) against the Sabines. I don’t know what the better option would be though.

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      He's a really weird case, yeah. He does interact with Sol - Sol shows up in the tauroctony scenes and other imagery, anyway, though we have no actual idea what the content of that story is in detail, since all we have is images.

      And he's definitely not Mithra-the-Yazata.


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        My own leaning in reality is toward the pseudo-Zoroastrian theory - that is, he arises from mistaken Roman understanding of Mithra.

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