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  • Kwakiutl Pantheon

    This is another cool First Nations pantheon which I'd like to see. It has eclectic gods, absolutely terrifying titans, and some overlap with the Haida. They both seem to share Tia and have a Raven, though I'm not sure if this Raven would be a mantle or a separate entity from Xhuuya. There's a lot of weird deities, like the octopoid sea god Kumugwe, and a terrifying and alien god of war, Winalagalis. There are also several figures that could go either way as to being gods or Titans, such as Dzunukwa. It would be worth including just to have Baxbakwalanuxsiwae as a Titan. (Impossible name, I know, but a monster that makes Wendigos look like fluffy bunnies in comparison.) I think they'd be worth including, at the very least as a joint pantheon with the Sga'na Qeda's similar to the Manitou/Orenda link.

    Some info: