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The Waxopini: The Ho-Chunk Pantheon

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  • The Waxopini: The Ho-Chunk Pantheon

    I recently discovered this gigantic online encyclopedia of Ho-Chunk mythology, and I think they'd be another viable First Nations pantheon. The gods are known as Waxopini, and there's a number of ones which the website indicated were major. The core Pantheon includes:

    Mą’ųna, the creator, and probable primordial.
    Herešgúnina, the god of evil
    Hąbanįjᵋra, the sun god
    Hąhe-wi-ra, the moon goddess
    Kunika, the earth goddess
    Pēč, the messenger god of fire
    Hečoga, or Bluehorn, a hero god
    Waroka and "Stump," the hero twins
    Hošere’ų́wahira, or "Disease Giver," the god of death
    Wiragošge Xetera, or Morning Star, the god of war

    Hešúčka , or Redhorn, a very important hero god
    Kečąkega, the turtle spirit
    Wakjąkága, the trickster
    Wadexúga, a prideful hero god
    Wašjįgéga, the hare deity

    They're very interesting, and there's a wealth of information available, so I think it would be good to have them. You can never have too many First Nations pantheons.

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    Could you pm me your source?


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      I'm sorry, I meant to put the source in the post. It's really nice and extensive and has a ton of entries on each individual or species of entity, and a ton of stories. The source is in the OP now.