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Errata: Scion: Hero

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  • Errata: Scion: Hero

    Please list your errata here.

    Please address only typos, layout glitches, misplaced elements, and similar errors. If it's merely a matter where you'd have phrased something differently, that's not errata, and should go in a different thread.

    Please confine comments to posting errata. Discussion should also go elsewhere.

    Thank you.

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    Page 29: Page XX makes an appearance in the first paragraph under "Family Traditions."

    Page 30: In the Family Traditions Example, second sentence reads "The Grandchildren (Yoruba: m )..." I'm assuming missing info goes in the parenthesis.

    Page 52: First paragraph under Cosmology: The Nine Worlds: Ásgarð is bolded, but Jötunheimr, and Niflheim are not.

    Page 53: The entry for Miðgarðr: Ásgarð is bolded both times it appears in the description.

    Page 54: First paragraph under "Primordials": Ymir is bolded. (Since none of the other primordials in the other Pantheons are bolded, I'm presuming this is an error/leftover from an earlier draft.)

    Page 55: First full paragraph. Niflheim and Muspelheim are also bolded, similar to the example above.

    Page 104: The first two paragraphs of Virtues appear to have been switched around, or the heading for Virtues appears at the beginning of the second paragraph instead of its own line before the first. (I'm presuming it's supposed to be the latter, but I can't tell for sure which it's meant to be, apologies).

    Page 107: Èshù Elègbará's entry: "Èshù can make and unmake a community" is bolded in the first paragraph.

    Pages 128-129: The Relics section is mistitled, reading "Relic (Sky Ladder)" instead of just "Relics". The rest of the Shen relics section is also laid out differently than the relic sections of other Pantheons.

    Pages 138-139 The subheadings under Cosmology for "The Overworld", "The Underworld (Michtlan)" and "Titans" all use a different font from similar subheadings in the other Pantheons.

    Page 141 and Page 153: The Teotl and the Theoi are still using versus for their virtues; the other Pantheons are all using "and" for their two Virtues.

    Page 165: The Virtues do not have their own line before the explanatory paragraph like the other Pantheons. It looks like there's a sentence fragment "the two sides of Enech" before the actual Virtues of Honor and Prowess as well.

    Pages 172, 174, 176, 178, and 180: All of the sample characters start off with the bolded heading "Scion of..." at the top of their description. All of them end with a bold heading "Divine Parent:" at the bottom, and all have the same god listed. I'm thinking this is an accidental redundancy...

    Pages 182-184: Several "Page XX"s throughout the Character Creation example. (182 and 183 have four each, 184 has two).

    Page 188: Page XX in the first paragraph under "Regaining Legend."

    Page 189: Two Page XX, one in the first paragraph (starting with "a ritual offering"), the other in the first paragraph under Virtue.

    Page 191: Two Page XX, the first paragraph under Systems, and another in the third bullet point under Callings.

    Page 225: The first ability under Immortal Creator is a paragraph; it needs to be a bullet point.

    Page 226: The Immortal Guardian header is too small, and the first ability under Immortal Guardian is a paragraph; it needs to be a bullet point.

    Page 227: The Immortal Healer header is too small.

    Page 228: The Immortal Hunter header is too small.

    Page 229: The Immortal Judge header is too small.

    Page 230: The first ability under Immortal Leader is a paragraph; it needs to be a bullet point.
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      The relationships between the Manitou and Teotl contradict one another. One has it that they are antagonistic. The other that they are allies.

      also the Manitou virtues, in Origin it was listed as Pride and Purpose. In here it is Pride and Dream. Which one is right?
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        Page 17: “Running up against a Scion of a pantheon that doesn’t think much her divine lineage, a Hero may find herself being treated as a monster by another Hero.”

        Should probably be: “Running up against a Scion of a pantheon that doesn’t think much of her divine lineage, a Hero may find herself being treated as a monster by another Hero.”


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          The Theoi Titans on page 151 have inexplicable personal Virtues no one else does instead of following the same rules for Titans as all the other write ups.

          Phoebe has “Foresight” as a Virtue?

          Rhea has “Patience” and “Endurance”? (i’d recommend Fecundity and Kinship)

          Typhoon has “Destruction”, which I’m assuming should be Rapacity?

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            I don’t know if this is a mistake because it seems to be done consistently, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense so it seems like an effort: while the headers in the Knack section consistently say “Heroic Creator” “Heroic Liminal” etc, the text below throughout the section keeps referring to “Mortal Knacks” instead of Heroic Knacks.

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              In Marvels, the imbued legend of a blessing is stated to return when the bonus is fully used or the scene ends. I'm already seeing how a fighter is going to use epic Dex or epic Str every turn as; they'd be getting a +2 enhancement every attack. Is this the intent of the blessing?


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                No information is provided for determining the Health Levels of Creatures.

                Also on page 202 there’s a reference to dot ratings in the Storyguiding chapter to determine how to take such a monster as a Creature, but no such ratings are in said chapter.

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                  Under Legend Trait effects on page 187-188, it still lists you as getting 1 boon at legend 1, 2 at legend 2, etc. PCs start out with two boons and legend 1 as part of chargen, and I believe it's been previously mentioned that it's supposed to be Legend+1 for your # of boons before?

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                    Page 183 refers to getting 2 dots for one calling, and one dot each in the other two. This is a total of 4 dots. However the sample characters have 5 dots each. I assume this is a relic of the rules being upgrades from Origin level rather than making a new character. Whether a starting Hero is supposed to have 4 Calling dots total or 5 needs to be clarified, and the character creation chapter kept consistent whether it’s describing creating a new character or upgrading an Origin character.

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                      As a further note to the Creature rules, there is no guidelines for any sort of stats beyond the initial dice, including Defense (and if it uses antagonist style Defense) and Initiative, including the already mentioned Health Levels.


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                        Page 15. When talking about Ravana, Rakshasa has a wierd x symbol in it



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                          Page 181 Rhiannon’s birthrights are under her knacks instead of her path effects. This is different than how the other characters organize things.

                          Page 183 under Callings and Knacks

                          “Your character receives two dots in one of their callings and one dot each in the other two.”

                          This implies 4 dots of callings.

                          I’ve brought this up before and confirmed that this is on top of the one point in calling you get as an Origin character for a total of five. Also, all the sample characters show a total of five dots of callings.

                          Perhaps add “Combined with the one dot of Calling your character would have had pre-Visitation this should be a total of 5 points of callings.” Or some similar language.


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                            The pantheon signature preview for the Theoi Metamorphosis the second boon transfigure has the duration listed as Instant. However it talks in the boon about it lasting for Legend 1+ characters a time and trivial characters it being permanent.

                            So it says Instant but then last chapter starts with “at the end of this boon.” So when is that it it’s instant? Also, I guess it’s a SG call but do you think they can do anthro forms or other oddities like happen in myths all the time?


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                              Is Bast's writeup missing a sentence? "When she is calm and contemplative, she goes by Bast..." even though Bast is the only name used for her in the section. Is the implication that her other name is Sekhmet, like the aliases section says?

                              It also feels odd to say Bast, alias: Sekhmet, and then say on the next page in a standalone sidebar on the subject that Sekhmet and Bast are different deities... so why list them as aliases?

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