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    Because it's better than swamping the Ask of Question thread. Basically what it says on the thin, a thread where to post our Relics, Guides, Creatures and Followers idea and comment if they are rated somewhat accurately

    Fenris-Tooth Dagger (Relic 4) (Darkness, Beasts (Wolf), summon the Scion Creature): A simple dagger made from a tooth of the Fenris Wolf. It often finds its way in the hands of Scion of Loki. This one has been bathed in the blood of a Hero-level Vagr who is bound to the service of the Scion, it can be used to summon him in places a horse-sized wolf would be difficult to bring.

    Skeletal Hand: Relic: 4 (War, Death, Imbue 1 Legend to impose a 1-Complication to hit the Scion): A hand from Kali's infamous belt. It represents the Goddess immunity to harm. While it is less powerful than the whole belt, it can ease things in battle for a Scion of the Deva

    Never-ending Sake Bottle: Relic 4 (Chaos, Beauty, Never runs out) This old-fashioned Sake gourd has been worn by many a Scion of the Kami who chose the wanderer's life. Tricksters love finding new interesting uses for its capacity to hold an infinite amount of alcohol.

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    I'd probably rate the Fenris-Tooth Dagger and Skeletal Hand at Relic 5: 2 dots for the first Purview, 2 dots for the second Purview, 1 dot for the other effects.

    The Never-Ending Sake Bottle I could see at 4 or 5 depending on how 'powerful or broad' never needing to be refilled is considered to be. Given the Irish Muscle Car appears to combine never needing gas starting with the Head Start enhancement in one Knack it might be that never needing to be refilled by itself wouldn't cost anything.

    Here are a couple of Birthrights I worked up for the PCs in my group:

    Lady of Slaughter - Relic ⬤⬤⬤ (Sword given to a warrior/hunter scion of Sekhmet)
    • Golden Khopesh with a Lioness head for the pommel
    • Base Tags: Lethal, Melee, Versatile
    • Enhancement: +1 general (+••)
    • Purview: War (+••)
    • Purview: Epic Dexterity (+••)
    • Motif: One before whom evil trembles
    • Knack: "Always at hand" - Despite its size, the weapon counts as having the Concealable tag: The weapon can be hidden in a pocket, up a sleeve, or inside a particularly long coat. Gain Enhancement 1 to any tasks involving sneaking the weapon into a location without someone noticing. (+•)
    • Flaw: With each attack, the relic takes an influence action against the wielder using her own traits to urge the wielder to slay sinners without stopping. If the character succumbs to the urge, she earns a point of Momentum. (-••••)
    A Spear of Lugh - Relic ⬤⬤⬤⬤
    • Spear:
      • Base Tags: Lethal, Melee, Reach, Thrown
      • Additional Tags: Returning (+•), Aggravated (+••), Piercing (+••), Loud (-•)
    • Enhancement: +1 General (+••)
    • Purview: Sun (+••)
    • Motif: the rising sun shall never fall
    • Flaw: Touch of the Sun (-•••): If the wielder rolls a botch on any use of the spear, it erupts in a flare of solar fire attacking everyone within short range. The spear rolls twice its rating as the attack which is lethal and loud.
    • Flaw: Must spend an action to either sheath or unsheath the spearhead. If sheathed, the spear functions only as a staff (Bashing, Melee, Reach). (-•)
    Spirit Lioness - Creature ⬤⬤⬤⬤
    • Knack: Shapeshifter (Egyptian Mau)
    • Knack: Shadow Step
    • Primary Pools: 8 dice
    Cu Sith Hound - Follower (Heavy) ⬤⬤⬤
    • Tags: Savage (+2e to harm others)
    • Knack: Terrifying Howl
    • Knack: Silence in the Woods
    • Defense: 2
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      Thanks for the answer and yours seem ok.

      If I put an approprate flaw in the Relics I can consider them a dot lower, correct?


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        Yes, and in many cases you have to give them flaws in order to make them fit within 5 dots.

        Your Wolf-Dagger may rise to 6 pts given it channels 2 purviews.

        The Skeletal Hand is also probably 6 pts. At least 2 for each Purview then a Complication for an opponent or an Enhancement for you is 2 points of relic per point of complication, so, 6 total.

        Never-Ending Sake Bottle is probably fine at 4 points, but it's possible it's 5 given there are two channels.


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          Okay, it goes, these are a number of birthrights and potential birthrights for characters in my two games, some are rather specific, while others can go to anyone. I'll post my calculations for Creatures at the bottom of the page later after I find the worksheet I made.

          Blue, the Wolf Dog (Creature ••••)
          Lionel’s extremely large and unsettlingly competent pet.
          Qualities: Natural Weapons (Teeth and Claws), Sure Footed, Twitchy
          Primary Pool: 6 (Be a good boy, Attack, Protect others)
          Secondary Pool: 4 (Tracking, Pulling Dragging)
          Desperation Pool: 2
          Health: 1
          Defense: 2
          Initiative: 6

          Det. Ronny “Deadmeat” Burr (Follower ••••)
          Barbie’s loyal partner in training.
          Archetype: Consultant
          Tags: Heavy, Helpful, Tough, Unruly

          Jay Ewing and the Anti-Frantics (Follower ••••)
          Johnny’s Band of brothers and musicians
          Archetype: Entourage
          Tags: Defensive, Heavy, Smooth, Unruly

          Xiuhmolpilli AmoxtliThe Book of the Binding of Years (Guide ••••)
          A codex written by the gods and detailing the movements of the mortals of the world between the last New Fire Ceremony and the next, roughly 17 years from now. The Codex is filled with improbably complex series of pictographs, rebuses, and cyphers that seem to change to reveal scenes from the reader’s own life, and those they effect. If one were able to decipher it, one would have a roadmap to their future.
          Asset Skills Academics, Occult
          Guide Stunt (3 Successes) having consulted the Book of the Binding of Years, you roll twice for the next roll you make and keep the better result.
          Purview Fortune
          Unique Knack Once per session, the Scion may invoke her guide to add a Complication equal to her Asset Skill to an action that would prevent her prophecy from coming true.

          Akeraiotitas (••••)
          A gladius forged from a single ingot of platinum. Its handle is polished marble. It glows brightly when wielded by those worthy of it.
          Purview Moon, Passion (Honesty), Sun
          Motif “The Light of Truth Shines as a beacon in the Darkness”
          Enhancement 1 to detect deceptions, illusions or shapeshifters
          Tags Lethal, Melee, Versatile
          Flaw If the wielder of Akeraiotitas lies or deceives in a direct manor while the sword is drawn add 1 to the Tension pool and all difficulties involving the use of the sword (as a weapon, a lie-detector or as a channel boons or marvels) increase by one.

          Deathmarks (••)
          Terry Bohrsson’s right ear is gone, replaced by a great, ragged scar. Many who see it wonder how Terry survived the wound and the truth is he did not. The Deathmark is a relic-scar infused with the power of his own death, granting him incredible durability.
          Knack: The Deathmark grants Terry 2 levels of Hard Armor
          Knack: As part of his body, the Deathmark cannot be removed.
          Flaw: Along with mutilating his face and head, anytime Terry makes use of his additional levels of armor the Story guide adds one tension to the pool.

          Keys to Hel (••)
          An ancient and oversized ring of keys crafted from wrought iron and bone, upon which any key can be found.
          Knack: The Keys to Hel can open any lock that depends on a traditional key.
          Knack: The Keys to Hel always return to their owner’s belt or pocket if lost.
          Flaw: One must whisper the proper words to the key-ring if you are to find the proper key to use.

          The Lion and the Sun (••)

          An ancient Persian coin embedded in a Zippo lighter. Something dark has marred the gold at the center of the sun.
          Purview Chaos, Darkness
          Motif “Even from its height, the sun will fall to darkness.”

          Winged Scooter Helmet (••)
          A white scooter helmet with golden wings emblazoned at its sides.
          Purview Journeys
          Motif “Let your wheels be as swift as your mind”

          Winter’s Woe (••••)
          A massive revolver that is hot to the touch and possessed of a barrel burnished by the heat of its ammunition.
          Purview Fire
          Motif “The fires of justice burn hot.”
          Enhancement 1 General
          Tags Firearm, Lethal, Loud, Messy, Piercing, Ranged
          Knack The Player may cast Heaven’s Fire Boon through Winter’s Woe, rolling Firearms + Dexterity.
          Knack Winter’s Woe can fit into any holster, pocket, belt or purse, taking on the appearance of the appropriate type of revolver for said holster until drawn with the purpose of firing (it will appear to be a derringer after being drawn from a pocket by a cop putting it into lock-up but if that cop attempts to fire it the gun takes its natural form once more.

          Wave-Piercer (•••••)
          An oversized fishing spear forged from steel and gold.
          Purviews: Beasts (Sea Creatures), Water
          Motif: The sea is my domain and its subjects are mine to command.
          Enhancement: 1 General or 2 vs. creatures at range.
          Tags: Lethal, Long Range, Melee, Piercing, Reach, Returning, Thrown, Unconcealable, Versatile.
          Flaw: Wave-Piercer is as doomed as those who wield it. Each time a scion wields the harpoon in battle add one tension to the pool unless it is used to grapple someone at range.

          Creature Template
          Base Primary Pool
          : Equal to the Creatures (Dots x 3) – (Qualities x2)
          Base Secondary Pool: Equal to (Primary pool – 2)
          Desperation Pool: Equal to (Primary Pool – 4)
          Base Health: Equal to (Secondary Pool / 3; Round down)
          Base Defense: Equal to (Primary Pool / 3; Round down)
          Base Initiative: Equal to the Character’s Secondary Pool

          This is a fast and loose set of rules and, honestly they may not hold up if there has been a big change between the backer copy and this one. Health especially seems weak.
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            - Relics:
            Golden Key ()
            Knack: Can open any lock, door or proper device.
            Motif: "Love requires no secret."

            Swan Cristal Necklace (⬤)
            Purviews: Passion
            Motif: "The portrait of the most dire of loves."

            (Both belonged to a Aengus' Scion in my group)

            - Guides:
            Lunar Rabbit (
            One of the many rabbits that live with Chang'e on the moon. They brew the immortality elixir, but this one has not yet mastered the formula. He/She can make many other potions and oils instead.
            Asset Skills: Medicine
            Guide Stunt (1-3 successes): When trying to make First Aids in a ally, the Scion can apply the successes obtained in the making of a potion beforehand (Crafting using Medicine+Inteligence).


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              Can we try to piece together how much the specific traits that unique relics in the book are worth like Tyrfing and such?