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Scion:Hero request: legendary titles

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  • Scion:Hero request: legendary titles

    It feels like this is not exactly errata, so I don't want to add it to that thread, but I would like to see some more examples of legendary titles. There's the in-line example of Badru ("Master of Hounds"), but if Badru gets a Title at Legend 1, the other pregenerated characters should have titles too.

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    If you’re saying they’re supposed to have the RAW and don’t have them included, that is errata you can put in said thread. There is no guarantee the relevant parties will read this thread.

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      My players have come up with the following:

      Bloodhound of Boston - A Hunter Title
      The Sword that Pierces the Darkness - A Warrior Title
      Changebringer - A Liminal Title


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        Here are the ones for our PCs (and one full PC-built NPC):

        The Lethal One - Warrior
        The Far Traveler - Liminal
        Bringer of Mercy - Judge
        Mentor to the Chosen - Sage
        Shepherd of the Faithful - Guardian
        Hound of the Underworld - Liminal