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    So, at some point I had this weird idea that the gods Set, Ares and Loki, all being the black sheep of their respective families, should totally hang out together, if for no other reason than to drink beer and complain to each other about their respective pantheons. And ride motorcycles, because I can easily see all three of them being into that. Which naturally led to the idea of The Lords of Chaos, an international outlaw motorcycle club made up of scions of the three gods and other deific members, as well as mortal followers, Amazons, Einherjar, and anything else that would fit.

    This, I feel, makes a nice counterpart to The Divine Matriarch Tea Society, founded by Hera, Frigg and Isis in the 19th century, who meet the afternoon of every new moon, unless it falls on a Sunday, then they have brunch. (Per Kyman201, Amaterasu hid in a cave again after not being invited to the first meeting, but the second meeting was held outside the cave and she was lured out with tea cakes.)

    Has any one else come up with ideas for clubs or organizations in which gods of different pantheons and their offspring might meet and mingle?
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    I had the idea of the Coyote Crew, basically all of the North American Coyote deities hanging out and causing mayhem together.


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      Novus Ordo Seclorum

      Since the late 18th - early 19th century Athena’s orchestrated a conspiracy of largely Order dedicated deities who charge Scions with protecting electoral democracy from interference from power hungry Scions and chaos or tyranny from mythic sources. She learned well from the failure of the Roman experiment when a Scion ascended to Consulship.

      Ironically conspiracy theorists have collected evidence of this clandestine effort to paint it as secret masters controlling governments, when that’s actually what they’re dedicated to preventing.

      (They tolerate Scions leading issue based movements, that’s a natural extension of the function of a Culture Hero, but as far as they’re concerned the age of Scion rulership is over, and democracy can’t function with divine power in executive office)
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