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What Purview Would Alchemy Fall Under?

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  • What Purview Would Alchemy Fall Under?

    I would like to create a character with divine powers over alchemy, but I am not sure whether this would be forge or prosperity. Maybe it could be either? What do all of you think?

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    Define Alchemy? If all you want is the power to turn things into Gold then Prosperity of Earth would suffice... if you actually want your character to work in a lab making potions and tinctures and the like, the crafting for that would fall under Forge. If you just want 'uses quick fire potions as a way to get off magic effects' that's easily handled as a Motif, and indeed the Shen already have alchemy as a Motif, and the Orisha Motif lets them use rootwork to similar effect; one of their Scions is described as drinking a potion to breathe gouts of flame.


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      I wouls say that it actually falls more under a motif - the pantheon motif for the Shén actually specifically calls out alchemy (though it's not the standard Western style alchemy) as part of the motif. With that in mind, what sort effects would you be thinking about? I would get those Purviews, and then your most potent concoctions would all be Marvels, channeled through the pantheon motif.

      And for less potent potions, the Crafting system should work well.


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        Yeah. Alchemy is more the means by which a character inacts the purviews rather than a purview in itself. So the answer would be: all of them.

        As a similar example, a 1e character of mine was a mangaka. In this edition one of her relics, a portable drawing board, would have the motif of “drawing reality one frame at a time” and she’d perform her purviews by drawing frames of a manga.

        She also had spider friends and would use their help in enchanting places by asking them to web rooms and buildings in particular ways. Which would probably be a second relic with a motif of “silken threads catching fortune”.
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          Now i’m considering jotting down the Philsopher Stone as a 5 dot Relic with the Health and Prosperity Purviews and an Alchemy Motif.
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            Metamorphosis would be my guess, seeing as how that's a major part of what Alchemy is all about.

            It's basically the precursor to modern day chemistry.


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              I have Haagenti as a full on god on my list solely for the purpose of having a god of Alchemy or "Mad Science."