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Making a scion of Ishtar

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  • Making a scion of Ishtar

    So I am getting ready to start a campaign of Scion as a player and I am trying to make a Scion of Ishtar/Inanna before Demigod comes out. I've done some reading from a number of resources as I am a bit of an enthusiast but not much of a researcher. I settled on a paths and purviews, but I need some help coming up with the virtues of the pantheon. I have decided to do without my Pantheon Purview until Demigod comes out, but I think the virtues are a big part of playing a Scion so I need a little help from those who might have knowledge on the subject. Here is what I have so far, though I admit to be a bit generous in some aspects.

    Paths: Liminal, Judge, Lover
    Purviews: Beauty, Chaos, Fertility, Passion (Love, Lust, Anger), Sky, War

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.