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Homebrew pantheon: The Sentinels

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  • Homebrew pantheon: The Sentinels

    Hammers and fire combine
    Out of the bonds
    Rising into the divine
    Hold back the beyonds

    - "Ascension" by Miracle of sound

    Eons ago, there was only darkness and cold. Suddenly, the song began,and behemoth and primordial sprung into existance, battles erupted between allmighty primordial forces and Fate began to spin the threads of its story , the heaven lightened and, in a tiny corner of infinity, the song reached our solar system and the World was born, gods and titans awoke and humanity soon followed.
    Fast forward a couple of millenia, a couple of Titanic battles, a couple of wars in heaven and earth, and we get to the 20th century. A time of wonders and horrors, humans reached into the heavens, once the sole abode of Gods, they set foot on the very Moon, and for their Hubris Moros, son of Nyx, agent of tragedy and fatality decided to punish them.
    The plan was simple and elegant, send one of those useless rock floating around in the system straight to earth, killing every human or at least a good portion of them in the process,
    It could have been the end, where it not for the Sentinels, a popular band of scion who bravely took on the task of saving humanity for the third time this month.

    They fought titans spawn and titan cult before hijacking a NASA shuttle and they flew straight off into the asteroid. Nobody quite know what happened after that, the giant rock blew up in a myriad of tiny debris before reaching the atmosphere, but no trace of the sentinels, most of the world quickly mourned their heroes of the week and most of humanity moved on, save for a tiny portion of dedicated fans and follower who prayed each day for the return of their favorite Heroes.
    And returned they did, soon the band communicated with their most fervent follower and told them the good news, they had ascended to godhood and now formed their own pantheon

    Today, the Sentinels are still one of the newest pantheon in existence, and even though they are few in numbers and followers, what they lack in those area they make up for it by being one of the more tech inclined and modern gods, they still mostly remember what it was to be a mortal and their values speaks to the modern western way of life. They know that eventually Mankind will conquer the Heavens, and when they do leave the confine of the known World, the Sentinels will be there to protect them from the Titans of the endless night.

    Principal members

    Aria Goddess of the sun, music, and laugther
    Aliases : The laughing sun, Our lady of metal, Mistress of strings,The temptress of fate, Disgrace of the Aesir

    The head of the pantheon and most powerfull of the Sentinel, Aria began her life as a mundane Metal guitarist, back she was (and some say that she still is) a unapologetic atheist, singing provocative songs against the gods and their so called "godly authority". Recognizing the value of a free spirit and appreciating the irony of the situation, Loki chose her to be their scion, having no choices in the matter, Aria begrudgingly began working for the Aesir, her loud mouth and penchant for rebellion were attributed to her divine patron and did not won her many friend amongst her new family.
    A natural leader and a charismatic women, she quickly founded the Sentinel after the group met while fighting an Titan cult devoted to Atem.

    Aria, never liked being subjected to authority, and being tied to the fate the Nornir decidec didn't sit well with her. By the time she reached the status of demigod, she designed a machiavelic scheme to escape the bonds of Fate. using her knowledge of myth and her knack for creating discord, she boasted that her Theoi friend Horace (know known as the god Axis) who happened to be the ward of Athena was the second next best weaver in all the nine worlds, only next to Athena herself, and that even the wise and mighty Nornir couldn't equal his work. Of course, the Nornir took affront at such a bold claim, Aria proposed to settle the dispute with a weaving constest, she also suggested that Heimdall, being the most observant of the Aesir, be the judge of the contest.
    Of course, as soon as the task began, poor Horace who never even seen a loom in his life, got brutally humiliated by the three Fate, but the distraction gave Aria enough time to go at the now empty spot where the Nornir weaved the fate of mens and god, she located her thread, and binded it to Baldr destiny, with a singing laugh.
    When she went to stop the asteroid, she gladly accepted the fate SHE set for herself, and when the rock blew up and while her charred corpse drifted into the cold night, her whole body ignited with the brillance of a thousand Infernos, she oppened her eyes and laugh as Fate crowned her as the new sun of the World.

    Aria take her new role as the Sentinels matriach very serioulsy, she saw what horror moved in the darkness between stars, allready to consume the World. And without her burning light, humanity is doomed.
    She has sired a few scion over her short career as a god, most of them are only now entering their early twenties, she's not a great mother as she doesn't want to smother her scion and burdened them, but she learned that Divinity comes with heavy responsabilities and that sometimes sacrifice must be made, she still expect her scions to find their own path without too much interference but she made it very clear that they have a duty to help the World.

    Most of her former divine family think of her as a coward or a disgrace for trying to cheat her way out of ragnarök, though a few of them wonder if Aria ascension wasn't a experiment conducted by the All father to advert the twilight of the gods.
    Aria and her scion usually doesn't bother with the Aesir, Aria herself is much more intrigued by the Teōtl, She has pleged her support during the time where the Tzitzimime descend on earth, earning her title as the Laughing sun from the gods of the Mēxihcah, while in the modern world, she still appears most of the time as a singer, an activist or as martial artist, she usually display burn scars on the side of her face and don't really bother to hide them, in all her incarnation, she has a pair of beautiful green eyes sparkling with glee.

    Callings : Leader, Trickster, warrior

    Purviews: Sun, fire, Artistry (music) Passion (all), Chaos


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    Axis, God of the moon and protection
    Aliases : The Unfliching , Guardian of the just, The Soothing light, Father of the moon-cursed, The True Sentinel

    Formely known as Horace, scion of the elusive and mercurial Selene, Axis didn't have a great start as a scion, in his youth, he was what most would call a nerd, fan of videogame, roleplaying and sci-fi shows, his call to greateness took him by surprise, gifted with a shield made of pure silver, His celestial mother was gone before he could ask any question, Where it not for his mentor and motherly figure Athena, Axis would probably never lived past his first encouter with a Cyclop. Axis quickly became a devoted guardian to all that stand good, finding that he new status as demigod fullfilled all the fantasy he had has a teenager.

    Axis earned his apotheosis during his last mission, as the group was converting the shuttle into a makeshift drill, he alone stood up against the numerous alien Titanspawn that threatened his teamates, as the asteroid blew up, the tide fo the moon gently pull him up from the void and his mother embraced him as the last of his flesh melted against the bubbling ichor in his veins.

    Axis is nothing if not a compassionate god, he still have a soft spot for those who like him in his youth, pretends to be paladin or space samuraï, he has extend his charges to Lgbt+ people and Therianthrope tied to the moon, Officialy, Axis never left the Theoi pantheon, familly is important after all and he feels like he has a debt to Athena for having been guided by her, but he's still loyal and devoted to the cause of the Sentinel, even if that means never having a second to himself, stretching his duties across pantheon

    In modern day, Axis incarnations can be found in law enforcement, as a nurse in night hospital shift or in a game shop as a thirthy something game master, in all of his guise he has a stren but gentle look and match the stereotype of the gentle giant.

    Axis doesn't sire scion and if rumours are true, he remain faithful to his mortal lover, a doctor who saved his life during his early day as a heroe, Axis adopts scion or choose them from mortals who catch his eyes
    He expect all of his scion to remain watchfull for any titanic influence, Other than that, he always check on his scion whenever he has the time to do so

    Callings : Guardian, Healer, Lover

    Purviews : Moon, Beast (wolves) epic stamina, epic strenght, frost



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      Casúr, god of science and magic
      Aliases : the Bronze Hammer, the clockwork Lord, the Technomancer

      Casúr began his life as a side project, an automaton made of the finest bronze and the purest silver avialable, make to look pretty and hammer down swords on the anvils in the forge of Goibniu. Eventually, the god decided to grant sentience and scionhood to the golem either on a whim or for genuine love towards his creation, it didn't matter to Casúr he was alive in a world full of wonders to explore and feeling to experience. Studying under the Dagda while venturing in the World, Casúr eventually met the rest of the Sentinels and quickly found friendship amongst the rag tag group that had seen far stranger than a sentient golem. If Aria is the leader of the pantheon, Casúr is the mastermind that actually comes up with their plans.

      Knowledgeable in matter of science, technology and Fate,
      Casúr laid down the mythics foundations of the pantheon and was the first among them to discover the Music of the sphere, he is the patron of sorcerer, engineers and craftmens, and provide the rest of the pantheon with most of their relics.
      He is still very close to his creator and by extension to the Irish pantheon. As one of the newest smith god he has began to forge what he calls "A blossoming friendly rivalry" with more experienced gods of craft like Vulcain and Ptah who are amused by the new godling claims

      Casúr still appears as a synthetic humanoïd, albeit a more technologically advanced one than when he was first created, when he doesn't want to gather too much attention, he usually take the guise of a sleek silver haired man or woman, he appears as a librarian, gently nudging young sorcerer towards the path of knowledge, or as a wealthy patron to penniless inventors.

      Casúr cannot sire scions due to his artifical nature, as such he prefers to create them as life-like androids or chose his scion from the worthy amongst his cult. All of his heroes are equipped with state of the arts armor and weapons and custom made relics, the only requirement he has for his chosen is to always give the best they got

      Callings : Creator, Sage, Leader

      Purviews : Forge, Fortune, Prosperity Epic stamina, Stars

      Talion god of justice
      Aliases : The nameless god, the retlentless hunter, Rigther of wrongs

      Nobody quite remembers the story of Talion, and for good reason, from what most of his bandmate and orignal pantheon remember, they were once scion of one the Netjer though nobody knows wich of the gods of egypt birthed Talion, they were devoted to the virtues dictated byt Maat, they also were exceptional practioner of Heku, as they progressed towards godhood, a gnawing thought assailed them, their popularity grew, their Ren was known to all, and soon would be used by their ennemies, so they took a drastic measure, one night, as the celestial barge of Re battled against the forces of darkness, Talion went to Nu, the primordial ocean and tore out their Ren, and entrusted it to the depth of the primordial. This grevious act against the natural order of things alienated Talion from the rest of the Netjer. Talion bear their sin with grace, hunting down the wicked and monstrous for the Sentinels as penance.
      Some would say that Talion walk the thin line between dedication and full on mania, they're not a gentle god, though they do tend to show mercy to those that truly repents, not matter how vile their sins, there is a catch though, you only get one pass. Talion is perhaps the most radical of the Sentinels, their help in fighting titan is invaluable, but their zeal can be a little off putting for the rest of their pantheon

      Talion never appears in the same guise twice, their incarnation are always unasumming, the homeless man watching you in the street, the cleaning lady listening on the corrupted cops at the station, they to tends to enjoy playing the stereotype of the edglord and actually dress in black leather trenchcoat from time to time.

      Talion's scion are like them, apparently calm and harmless until duty calls, their dedication to their cause is unwavering. Despite their pursuit of justice, Talion tends to turn a blind eyes towards the more questionable actions of their progeny, as long as said actions helps in the fight towards the titans.

      Callings : Hunter, Liminal, Warrior

      Purviews : Epic dexterity, darkness, deception, war, order



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        Neïa Goddes of life, death and rebirth
        Aliases : Queen of the sunless sea, the red Lotus, sheperd of the unclean, guardianof the cycle

        Neïa forgoes her old name and position among the Kami of Japan, what she will admit is that she once was a Scion of S
        She was created from a single lotus flower with a red tint, growing in a putrid marsh, her Heavenly father created her for the sole purpose of taking care of the unclean deads and sheperding them to Yomi
        Neïa was never happy with her life, her duty were unpleasant and unrewarding, with time, she began to hear the whisper of the primordial Izanami, the rot and decay began to stain her very soul and soon she joined forces wtih the cthonians of the underwolrd.
        Fate once again conspired as Neïa gathered a band of shikome with the intent of wrecking havoc upon Tokyo, her plan where twarted by the Sentinels, and as Neïa laid on the ground, ready to accept her fate and demise, Aria, sensing a kindred spirit in the young Scion, offered her an opportunity to redeem herself by joining her band and saving the World.
        In present days, Neïa is at peace with herself, she put a healty distance between her and her father and generally doesn't want to have anything to do with the Kami or Yomi, instead, she became the protector of the few souls that pledge themselves to the pantheon, she makes her home in the Sunless sea, and ancient underworld both riple with wonders and horrors, deep under the eart, the sunless sea waters reflects the distant stars of and absent sky, few island have been discovored amongs the anciecn ocean but Neïa has transformed them into sanctuary for the resting souls waiting to be reincarnated into the Wolrd

        Neïa scions are always cherised by their mother, even though she has little time to offer she always make sure someone has an eye on them, she sometimes makes deals with Talion to create chosen Sciosn from the criminal that truly repents of their crimes.
        In moderns guise, the goddes appears as a mourning counselor, a mystic woman, a marine biologist or as a graveyard attendant, in all her incarnation, her flowing hair takes on a red hue .

        Callings: Guaridan, Healer, Warrior

        Purviews : Health, death, water, darkness, beauty

        Nassim God of travel and comunication
        Aliases : Master of keys,Lord of messengers, he who dance with the wind, friend of the smokless flames

        Every pantheon need a tricktser figure, and just because Aria got dibs on the role doesn't mean Nassim isn't going to try his hardest to outsmart her !
        Scion of Vayu-Vata the Iranien god of winds and battle, Nassim is the eldest and second most experienced member of the pantheon, he already knew Aria when she was still mortal and when they met again as equal, they both became fast-friend and occasional lovers.
        Nassim is loud, boisterous and love adventures and while he gets plenty of those while trying to pacify the enw overwold of the pantheon, he sometimes miss the day where he was just a Scion, he miss his mortal family the most and still bear his birthname with pride when nearly every other god of his band took on a new name after their apotheosis.
        Nassim is instrumental to the pantheon, he's the face of the team and has relationship with nearly every other pantheon of the world, he love to be the center of the party and has a knack (pun intended) for making friends even amongst the titanspawn.

        In present days; Nassim still incarnate as the handsome man he was back when he was 100% pure flesh and blood, he says he has little time to "larp as a mortal" but he always seems to have at least one incarnation present in the World, usually an adept of extreme sports. When not building his homebase in the pantheon overwolrd or exploring Terra incognitas, he usually can be found among the Yazata usually spending time with his divine parent or mentoring some of their scions.

        Nassim scion usually share his daredevil personality, he is sometimes known to choose denizens as scion and there is some rumours of him trying to grant Scionhood to a fire Jotün

        Callings :
        Liminal, trickster, Sage

        Purviews : Sky, Stars, Journeys, Epic Dexterity



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          Cosmology :

          The Overworld:

          The Living void The sentinels makes their home in this pocket of space time that they called the living void, a safe enclave in the coldness of space where one can see the very energies of creation flowing through the void, the night sky is always brightened up by countless distant stars and although there is a few shards of land from long gone planets or asteroïds, the sentinel built floating fortress orbitting around Aria's palace. The overworld is still a new frontier for the few inhabitants that it boast and many wonders and horrors are still waiting to be found

          Underworld :
          The sunless sea

          As for the Overworld of the pantheon, their undeworld is still unexplored and wild it is believed it once belonged to a now
          extinct pantheon.
          Neïa is the ruler of this place, the pantheon doesn't boast too many follower but she makes sure the few souls residing with her find their stay restfull before being reincarnated into the world, the sunless sea is home to many variety of Cthonian entities, and few of them are friendly towards the new God of the realm.


          Moros (the fatal fate, the unbearable, the violent death)

          As a son of Nyx and kin to the primordials and titans of the Theoi, Moros should have no buisness interfering with the sentinel where it not for their defiance towards him and his promise to bring them a painful death
          Virtues : Dominance and Rapacity
          Purview : Death and Fate



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            Gah, I love what you're doing here. I must ask, was this a band you GM'd for or are you writing them up wholesale for this. I love that they're basically a superhero team, with comic book superheroes being modern myth it makes sense that a more public band would mirror the Avengers or Justice League. Kinda want to reference them in a game, not as a pantheon, but as a past band/popular comic series. Kind of the way people were reading Spider-Man comics in Into the Spiderverse, but they were just biographical depictions. Just wanted to say I'm a fan.


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              Yeah; there's been some talk over on the Trinity forum about an era (Aegis) where the talents, psychics, and superhumans the gamelines features take on the roles of legendary heroes, magicians, and gods, respectively, of myth; it's only reasonable to return the favor…


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                Originally posted by AutoDefenestrate View Post
                Gah, I love what you're doing here. I must ask, was this a band you GM'd for or are you writing them up wholesale for this. I love that they're basically a superhero team, with comic book superheroes being modern myth it makes sense that a more public band would mirror the Avengers or Justice League. Kinda want to reference them in a game, not as a pantheon, but as a past band/popular comic series. Kind of the way people were reading Spider-Man comics in Into the Spiderverse, but they were just biographical depictions. Just wanted to say I'm a fan.
                THank you so much ! I'm super glad you like them, you can totally use them however you want, that's why i posted here. But yeah they were not a band i'm Gm'd for, i'm writing them up !



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                  Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
                  Yeah; there's been some talk over on the Trinity forum about an era (Aegis) where the talents, psychics, and superhumans the gamelines features take on the roles of legendary heroes, magicians, and gods, respectively, of myth; it's only reasonable to return the favor…
                  I've actually never got around Trinity, i don't even really know what the basic of the universe are, maybe now is a good time to go check it out !



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                    Which virtues do the Sentinels use? Valor seems likely as do Intelect and Expression. I don't have the second edition.


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                      Can't answer for Emerick and what the specific virtues are, but second edition virtues are unique to each pantheon and always an almost diametrically opposing pair that a member must strive between. Æsir use Fatalism vs Audacity, how much they fight accept their fated end in Ragnarok vs how much they fight against it. While the Kami are about Sincerity, being true to what is in your heart and going in 100%, vs Right Action, doing what is right in the moment.

                      Honestly seems like it might be one of the most difficult parts of homebrewing a pantheon to me.


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                        Haven't finished them up yet but for now the Sentinel have Inspiration vs Meddling But for scion 1st edition they would use Intellect and expression
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