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Gods and Titans: Difference?

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  • Gods and Titans: Difference?

    So I just found this video that ponders on the differences that separates Gods from Titans.

    Thought it would be a good idea to post it here, given the direction that 2nd Edition seems to be taking in regards to the subject.

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    From my reading of Scion 2E: Origin, it seems to imply that Titans and Gods are literally the same - only difference is that Titans are fixated on non-human parts of universe. Gods are fixated on human related parts of universe. So for Titans humans are irrelevant - for Gods humans are important to their existence.
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      It is implied that the Titans are also hyper focused on their primary (and likely only) purview, even to the detriment of others. The probability is the political differences (uncaring attitude to humanity) encourages the metaphysical ones and vice versa.

      It should also be noted the presence of non-pantheon virtues represent another significant difference. While they reinforce the connection the purview and puts some distance between them and humanity. This is a bit unclear in it's effects at this point. Virtues might work differently at higher tier. But it does mean that the values of a Titan differ greatly from their 'related' pantheon.

      Oh, yeah; Titans (and maybe Primordial Emanations) are generally considered higher tier than 'normal' deities, presumably due specialization. (True Primordials are even higher though.) It should be noted that this is likely not the case for truely political 'titans' as opposed to the metaphysical Titans.

      It is also heavily implied that it is hard to identify 'real' Titans.

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        Keep in mind that while there is a metaphysical classification for Titans. There is also a political one which is essentially that Titans are "Enemies of the Gods (and mortal)". Now sometimes you have entities that are both titans metaphysically and politically (like Surtr). While other times you have things called titans that are just considered enemies and they arent necessarily antagonistic towards mortals or lost in their purview (like how the Deva and Yazata view each other).

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