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Folkloric beings becoming Gods.

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    Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
    Jack Forst in the Ragnarok book is treated as real in setting as is Hamlet (who is presented as a corrupted scion). Iris, who did have shrines in the later classical period seems to have started as a preclassical literary figure. And she's listed as one of the premiere Psychopomps of the Greek pantheon.
    Jack Frost - In game, it need to have a bases for his history, and imagining that he is a persona that makes the winter happen, like de-leafing trees and windows frost, I would guess this could be a base. (The effects happen, and imagining a person behind it isnt that hard). Or, as it is based on father wind, could be a mantle, a derived deity, a Scion or a mythological being base on other mythological being. I dont know the exactly rules of what can be considered a "base" for a mythological being appear, but it seems to be plenty of those in the World for Jack Frost.

    Hamlet - Nothing in the Ragnarock book lead me to believe he is a mythological being, just a Scion. He doesnt need believe to be, just being is enough. If the problem is that he appears on a Shakespear play, I guess he could have based him in the play from someone else, or the stories before being based on someone before. But I am not sure how this could work in 2ed. To be honest, I am not quite sure how it worked on 1ed.

    Iris - Someone might have done something similar to what she made on the book, people started thinking they had something in common, and when they noticed, the real person became tied to the idea of the literary figure, even if they had little or no real connection.

    Again, this are just my guesses of how those people could become mythological beings with a base. I think if you want to put a literary figure in game, if it is an old story, and you can image someone thinking this being might be real and confuse it with someone/something else, I dont see why this creature couldnt appear on the World. But some people must have really believed those literary creatures were real, so the youngest the story, the hard it is.