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Trying to create a Siren Calling

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  • Trying to create a Siren Calling

    As in, the Greek bird women who sing sailors to their demise kind of Siren.

    See, I'm thinking about my first character, and I decided a good idea might be the Chosen offspring of a poet and the Siren he wowed with his command of lyrics and his honesty about his desires allowing him to fight off her hypnotic voice, since he knows what her lyrics were offering were products of his own mind. When s/he (haven't decided on a gender yet) was imbued with divine powers, his/her heritage awoke and wings sprouted as the larynx developed a larger range.

    So, I'm wondering what kind of abilities would be inherited, especially given how Sirens could invoke images of what you most desired with their voices, in my recollection.