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    So there's obviously lots of fun fiction out there about the gods and other myths. But what resources do people like to use for information about the myths themselves, non-fiction? Any particular websites to give some more info, or any books people like? Most of my knowledge is limited to Greek/Roman mythology and some Norse and Egyptian stuff.

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    For me, getting into world mythology usually starts with using one of the Handbook of ____ Mythology books. The entries in those books are usually comprehensive. They don't go too in-depth into the characters and legends. has a lot of primary sources regarding religion and mythology. In my opinion, most books about non-Western religions are really old so I'd peruse certain translated works with caution.

    Scion 2e Homebrew Pantheon(s):

    The Nat, the Spirits of Myanmar


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      I'm going to check out that site today! Thanks!


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        Careful, though, the texts there are by nature very out of date. Some of the translations still hold up - for a lot of the Hindu stuff, there simply are no more recent ones, and taking into account the notes, the Eddic stuff is pretty solid as well - but others are a disaster - e.g. the Kojiki translation rendering the naughty passages in Latin because Victorian sensibilities. So with Sacred Texts as much as with everything else, it really depends on what culture you're interested in and what has been done about them. If you tell me anything you're particularly interested in, I could maybe point you to trustworthy websites and accesible books for that. Otherwise, here is a little reading list of scholarly titles I compiled a while ago - not necessarily "must-reads", but a number of titles I personally found interesting and instructive.