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[2E] Going against the Mantle

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  • [2E] Going against the Mantle

    The Mantle is mythological 'Source God' of each divine being. It's mythological main idea of particular God.

    Incarnations are 'mortal' instances of each God. One Thor can have each one Incarnation that is farmer, engineer and soldier - because each of those Incarnations are connecting to part of Thor's Mantle.

    But if Incarnations are each one their own individual persons - Cannot particular Incarnation rebel against Mantle idea? What happen then?

    If sober God of Death have suddenly cheerful Incarnation that putts humans in 'Paradise', against they proper designation? Or actions like that. Are they even possible in Scion 2E?

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    Short answer: we don't know enough about Incarnations and how they work to actually answer that.

    Long answer: We see a bit of variation in this across myth... For most of the Greek gods, when they incarnate in the World they essentially act like mini versions of their super selves. By contrast the Hindu gods have Incarnations that vary from their super self wildly... Such as the incarnation of Vishnu's sword that was a poet, or the traditions where Krishna is an Incarnation of Kali instead of Vishnu. Then you have gods like the Loa whose preferred form of interacting with the World is just possessing a willing worshipper instead of sending Incarnations down at all... So play then however you need and however it makes sense for the Pantheon in question. In general, most Scion questions are answered with the statement 'varies by pantheon' and this isn't really any different.


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      The very little we know about mantles is that gods don't have a single mantle, they have several mantles and in some cases they might share one mantle with other entities. Like Ares and Mars are two separate mantles for the same god.Mantles with very different personalities but still essentially being the same entity. It may even be possible, for all we know, for the same god to have their two Mantles at odds with each other and essentially be fighting themselves....or two entities who share a mantle be in conflict somehow. Or maybe that's not possible. We have next to no information on mantles. We just don't know enough about how Mantles work to make any assumptions.