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  • Scion: Dragon in the works

    Alongside Mythos, the MidWinter Onyx Podcast also revealed a book they're currently calling Scion: Dragon, a Hero-level book about another faction in the Titanwar, who stepped back into the shadows when the gods and Titans went to war - draconic/reptilian mythological figures. You play their Scions, along the lines of sleeper agents in the Cold War of the Titanwar. Danielle Lauzon developing.
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    Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.

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    So, dragons are being added a third category of Scion-bearing mythical figures? Are they going to be some kind of composite pantheon, of dragons from all over the world? Color me intrigued.


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      I’m interested, but confused as to how that can play out in a way that’s true to myth and not modern urban fantasy as it’s primary source material.

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        I'm confused by the idea of "third faction" as if the factions in Scion are "gods" and "titans" when that is not at all the case, and indeed Titanomachy is not universal at all.


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          I'm pumped for a whole book on dragons, but the idea of them as a third faction is a strange thing to fit in the setting presented in Origin and Hero. Dragons exist in almost every culture and myth as a hundred and one radically different things, and just covering that and the roles they have in their stories seems like it would make for a lot of content already. Is that just some artifact thinking from 1e slipping in or an uncharacteristically dumbed down description for the purpose of the pitch, I wonder?


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            I don't understand how 'Dragons' could possibly be a third faction since Scion 2e has pointed out that the Titan War doesn't even make sense in the first place.

            Add to that that the idea that 'Dragons' are cross-cultural is intense Eurocentrism, this makes me very very worried about the direction things are going. I hope that this is crossed wires internally, because otherwise this sounds like a repeat of 1e and breaking from what Neall has promised about 2e.

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              I've been of the opinion that a lot of the things labeled "dragon" outside of Europe are called such because some European pointed to a picture on a wall and asked "what's this?" got told a word and immediately decided that this was that language's word for dragon because obviously dragon was a universal concept and not something that connected to a specific culture.

              I mean, dragons in Greco-Roman myth are basically beasts, often set as guardians to specific areas, they tend to lack intelligence and are just physically powerful...they are the cultures that originate the word dragon so there's that.

              The main creature labeled dragon I can think of in Norse myth was a man who became what he was after obsessing over a cursed treasure. Then there's the Beowulf dragon which feels more like later folklore additions.

              There are beings in China that are often portrayed as being in charge of different parts of heavenly order than the Celestial Bureaucracy takes care of.

              Those in Japan are a sort of outside political force compared to the fortunes, heavenly kami, earthly kami factions

              The ones in Korea I know very little about about but similarly seem to fall into god-but-not.

              Quetzacoatl has been referred to as a dragon occasionally but apparently that comes down to a single Eurocentric record of the Aztec myths. There's Kulkukan, but the same issue applies, even if that entity appears as a feathered serpent more regularly it's still a god figure rather than filling anything like what Europeans consider to be the role of the dragon.

              There are things like dragons in Eastern European folklore that are benevolent and have children with humans.

              Dragons in Christian stories are often representative of various sins.

              There are lots of creatures which are mere beasts that have been labeled as dragons.

              If we get a dragon book I'm hoping the first chapter is basically saying "dragons as a whole aren't a thing".

              Watcher had a good outline for such a book on the discord.
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                I'm actually running a campaign of Fireborn, it's a game where you play the scion of long past dragons in modern London (and beyond if you want). It's an old game from Fantasy Flight that have a really good starting point and a lot of good ideas but the system is really bad.
                If Scion: Dragon can help going on forward with this game I'm all up for this


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                  I think this could maybe be cool but I don't see how they wouldn't just fall under the various headings of gods (various river & water gods), primordials (Tiamat), titans, titan spawn, or just plain old monsters.


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                    Originally posted by Snakesandsuns View Post
                    I think this could maybe be cool but I don't see how they wouldn't just fall under the various headings of gods (various river & water gods), primordials (Tiamat), titans, titan spawn, or just plain old monsters.
                    If they're a third faction in the Titanwar, that suggests they have political agendas that differ from the gods and titans, even if they're nominally one or the other - basically, it's their politics that set them apart as a group in their own right.

                    There also seems to be something metaphysical that sets them apart too. The podcast mentions something about 'collective memory' for this group; as you become more powerful, you gain a stronger connection to the collective memory.

                    Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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                      Only way I can see this working is as an alternate setting, where it's instead of gods rather than with them.

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                        I'll definitely be using any mechanics for Dragons. As for 'A Third Faction', I admit my takeaway from that would be more that even if you have Gods here, and Titans there (which not even all the Gods agree on where the line is between them) and off to the side you have many of these Big Angry Reptiles, in it for themselves. Many aren't interested in destroying the Gods, so the Titans probably don't try to recruit them. But several of them may be less interested in the ideology of purging the Titans, so the more zealous Gods may not recruit them. And hell, I wager even other Dragons don't always know how Dragons act in the cosmic scheme. They have other concerns than this war those damn Deva keep going on about.

                        Now there ARE many God-tier Dragons I can think of. Nidhoggr, for one. Ao Guang, one of the Great Dragon Kings in Chinese Myth is definitely God Tier.

                        Some Dragons are Gods, some are more Titan-ish. I think in Hero, Ao Guang is noted as being a Titan, but not a malevolent one.
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                          Well, I recall plenty of times hearing that the Fey took neither side when Heaven and Hell had their to-do, with Satan being cast out.
                          Mushushu, Rainbow Serpent, Apep (Apophis), Jormungandr, Horned Sepent, Nidhogg, Leviathan, Ouroboros, Tiamat, Zmey...and so many others, familiar names for most of us. A scion of such creatures? I'm intrigued. There'd be races to opt in I should wonder, such as the gorgons, and naga.

                          My imagination running away again...

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                            With all caveats about how “dragons” as a coherent cross-cultural category of beings is Eurocentric silliness, so one hopes this book is much more nuanced than that...

                            I hope we’ll see the fully playable Naga that didn’t make it into the Hero text, with even more unique nature and growth potential than before!
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                              It should be noted, Tiamat isn’t a dragon.

                              She’s, uh, the ocean.

                              And Leviathsn is a fish.