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GM's, what mechanics are you finding hard to make use of? (and how to change that.)

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  • GM's, what mechanics are you finding hard to make use of? (and how to change that.)

    what it said on the tin. I sure we all find that there are parts of a system that you don't end up using a lot, but what do you guys find ends up not being used at all?

    For me its the Virtue system, this might just be all the games of Vampire, were my players are terrified of that humanity bar moving at all, or werewolf were primal urge is such a big deal at times, but they just don't care about Virtue, the effect is just not enticing enough for them to work themselves up the line or try to stay there, and just so far away form any effect when they are in the center that it never effects how they play. I i find it hard myself to care and work to keep track of Virtue for simpler reasons, ie. "ha, you just did something that moves your Virtue rating up one prowess! you gain... nothing, but! you now suffer from..nothing... never mind, lets just play on."
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    Well for starters you're using Virtue wrong.

    If you spend Momentum on an action that resonates with a Virtue, you can get two dice for the one Momentum spent on that action. This will move the Virtue bar one space closer to the Virtue in question.

    If you hit one end of the bar, you enter the Virtue Rage, where you constantly get the 2-dice-per-Momentum effect. But you can't go against the Virtue in question. You end this effect by taking an action that embraces the other Virtue.

    So yeah, a mechanic is going to seem pointless if you don't include any of its benefits

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.