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[2E] Divine Parent or Patron?

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  • [2E] Divine Parent or Patron?

    Reading Scion 2E: Origin, I see in ready characters Divine Parent section. But, from the reading Origin and Hero, Scions equally can be Born, Created, Chosen or Incarnate from their God. Options Created and Chosen point more Gods as Patrons than direct Parents... Should not the section be pointed more like Divine Patron on unofficial sheets then?

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    Did this really necessitate its own thread rather than the "Ask A Question" thread?

    Anyway, I use 'Patron' myself. Though it can be a bit murky. For example, a Deva, regardless of whether you're Born, Created, or Chosen, will likely call a Scion of theirs their child and think of themselves as that Scion's parent.

    As for why it uses Parent... Artifact text from the previous Edition? The assumption that Born Scions are some of the more common ones? Playing with the whole pitch of "What if you're the child of a God?"
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