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Skill for creating and playing music?

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  • Skill for creating and playing music?

    I'm new to the game and have just noticed that there seems to be a bit of a lack of skill for it. I understand it might be a bit underutilized for most games and concepts, but it is something that's looking liable to play a big part in our game, oddly, and no one is quite sure what we'd use to represent it.

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    There's mention of it in the book actually. See, there's no one skill for music. Instead ask yourself how am I doing this or what am I planning on doing this?

    Is your song a specific genre? That could be Academics, which explicitly covers the Humanities, or it could be Culture for culturally specific genres.

    Are you attempting to instill a certain feeling or influence people, even if it's just to enjoy the mood? Persuasion or Leadership.

    If you're just playing music to play music is that the kind of thing you need to roll for? Writing music itself would probably be a Crafting project of sorts, and in that case you need to achieve Milestones. A DJ could spend a scene sitting at their computer, sampling and mixing, without any roll and achieve a Milestone to compose their upcoming Club Beat Mix.

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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      Well a normal skilled casual musician (I.e. someone for whom it’s a side hobby who doesn’t mention being a musician in any of their Paths) probably isn’t going to be good enough that rolling really matters.

      If your character is a good enough that music is a defining part of their character (so it features in your paths), I’d roll the skill appropriate to what you’re trying to accomplish (Leadership, Pursuade, or Culture most likely).

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