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​Godly Popularity and the Scions

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    Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
    As I saw, fatebinding is the exact reason why the gods got away from the World in 1e, apparently it’s not true in 2e (the voting away part).
    Fatebinding also kept the gods local, instead of travelling all the world, they are bind to a certain kingdom, getting away would cause a big mess.
    If you act as if you don’t exist, except for appearing for a few people in your cult, you can go around free from fate binding. Them, invading a country and killing the population is the kind of thing you don’t do.
    I would keep the gods acting in the World the same way we see the Orisha culture in Brazil, it’s present but no flashs... if you go to Rome you can find a temple for Jupiter working, but the Scions of him are not going to show up to solve the cultists problems, and the monsters are more subtle, more commonly find in the Terra Incogninta.

    I don't know why you would say that's not true in 2E. Mortal perception of the Gods' actions shapes Fatebinding, which has stronger teeth the higher the Legend of the entity being Fatebound is. The Gods aren't hidden in 2E, but they do prefer to act through intermediaries than be perceived on mass media because of how rapidly fatebinding can get out of control.

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