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    I'm looking for suggestions for good Terrae Incognitae that are islands.

    I'm planning out a Scion game to stream on Twitch and I want to have the characters sailing to various off-World islands.

    What are some good places from myth/folklore? Interesting Denizens, traits of the island, ways to reach it, etc?

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    Peng Lai jumps to Mind.

    The Islands Odysseus visit as well like the Island of Helio, or Circes Island or Polyphemus’ home.

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      After the list from Greek islands (they have lots that are real but at the same time are not, like the Creta with the Minotaur labyrinth), there is Avalon and my favourite from Irish/Norse myths Hy-Brasil.


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        Onogoro is the primordial island in Japanese legend where Izanagi and Izanami circled the arches and brought forth the islands of Japan. I was thinking of presenting it now as where Izanagi is hanging out as a hermit (think Luke's island in Last Jedi).
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          Basically the whole Egyptian underworld is filled with strange islands. Said islands are full of snakes: good snakes, god snakes, bad snakes, really really bad snakes, and then some how you ended up inside of a snake that vomits you out into the sky. Snakes snakes snakes..... snakes.

          Also the good island you want to live on is also on fire.

          Also also it is pretty easy to get to as you just have to jump on the solar barge and take a night trip with Ra to get a over view of the whole weird cavernous river system filled with islands. Oh did I forget to mention that the solar barge is also a snake sometimes? Because it is!


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            Hmm. Avalon might've been added to the Welsh pantheon's mythology, though it apparently originated with the 12th century "History of the Kings of Britain". Likewise the sunken kingdom of Lyonesse (which I'm not sure if it was supposed to be an island or not). And maybe the sunken city of Ys in Brittany.

            Hawaiki is apparently the legendary origin place of the Polynesian peoples. There's apparently also a "vanishing island" called Kaferoor. I don't really know anything about them beyond the names.

            Buyan is a Russian mythic island that's the home of the Northern, Western and Eastern Winds (three brothers).

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              I think I remember the John's Scion Resources blog having a post about the various magical islands from Irish mythology, but I can't seem to find it.