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Secret World: Legends - A Scion Scenario (maybe?)

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  • Secret World: Legends - A Scion Scenario (maybe?)

    So, I was wondering about the PC game and its possibility to serve as an inspiration or even a complete scenario for Scion. There are obviously some incongruencies, but basically, in SWL, what we have is a lot of conspiracies struggling for power in a world where EVERY myth and legend is true. Most of these powerfull factions/groups/cabals only agree that their war is better kept secret from the "normal world" (hence the title of the game). So, I decided to write this post to serve as inspiration or to get some hints about maybe GM a game in this scenario. I think that maybe other narrative lines are more fit (maybe CoD, or even Trinity Continuum), but Scion looks like a promising starting point.

    If you prefer more visual idea of what is TSW/SWL. That's their trailer:

    There are many other influent and powerfull groups in the SWL universe (The Orochi Group and the Phoenician, to name some), but these are main ones, and the factions that you can play as:

    - The Illuminati: Mainly hosted in NY, USA, but powerfull in all the globe, the Illuminatti are controllers of the most powerfull tool ever made by man: money. They are the zillionaries businessmen hidden in skycrappers, making deals that will affect the lives of millions everyday, the calm and old faces in shady reunion rooms, buying, stocking, and selling everything. They blackmail angels and have compromising pictures of demons that can be used as weapons. What they can not buy, they control. Corrupting, blakmailing, or using any way available by their agents. If they can not control something, then that is probably under their efforts.

    - The Dragon: The Dragon exists at thousand of years in the Far East (the present seat of the Dragon is Seoul, S. Korea), trying to control the uncontrollable: Chaos itself. They are people from every way and station of life, working unrelentlessly in this complicated journey. The society itself has been dismantled and reborn many times in History, but the purpose has remained the same: understand and control the unpredictable. You know the "Butterfly effect", right? That "if a butterfly beat its wings in Brazil, it can provoke a hurricane in the USA", right? That is what the Dragon tries to control. They are experimentors of the world, students of reality itself, trying to understand to a degree of mathemathical precision what will happen. A butterfly at a time.

    - The Crusaders: There is evil in the world. That's unquestionable. Evil people, or evil... things. And to stand against these things there heroes. The Crusaders say that they are these heroes. They are powerfull at their own terms, fighting supernatural menaces armed with faith and heavy guns. The Crusaders control most of the armies in the world, and are not prone to spend time talking. They are fighters, firmly dedicated to their pure and worthy purpose and like this. There is evil in the world. And this evil must to be destroyed. Whatever the cost. If you question that, the Crusaders take you as part of the problem. The seat of the Crusaders in present day is London.

    There is also a fourth faction that is actually a neutral point betweeen these three.

    - The Council of Venice: They are not a society/faction/caballa as the other three, but some kind of "police" for all of them. Its creation was suggested by the Crusaders (what makes most of the members come from their numbers), but was agreed by the Dragon and the Illuminati. The function of the Council is to interfere when any of the three groups acts to harm any of the others. Their job then is restore the balance for avoid them to get into war among them (the idea of the 3 is to protect the "normal world" from the "secret world").

    We don't know entirely what are the bees. What we know is that they are some kind of counscience from outter space that developed some interest on Earth. They communicate with some people and can give them powers, knowledge and insight at superhuman levels (to say the least).

    The game begins with your character begins swallowing a "bee" while he/she is sleeping, and that allows you to control the natural force of the planet Earth itself (anima). That makes the Factions interested on you in first place. Among other things, this made your character in theory immortal (you can die, but rises again whenever you wish by the power of anima).

    The Bees also help your character giving informations about the place you are, or other character you meet if you look for "combs" hidden in the scenario. They mean the "original bees" talking to you. "Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.", they say all the times you find one of these.

    Monsters is not a wrong term. It's just an answer too simple. Yes, there things out there that can suck a human being out of existence in a matter of seconds. There are also things that if glimpse our reallity, can make millions lose their minds in mental blacklash. But we're dealing with human beings in here too, and humans are complicated.

    There members of the Cabals that are unhappy with something (most of the first chapter of the game comes from the fact that one Illuminatus betrayed the cabal and stolen an artifact), old rivalries, and... Well... Everything in the world is true. So, we have demons trying to invade Earth, to escape Hell or to conquer it. There are things from beyond reallity with their own agendas for the humanity. Vampires schemes, werewolfs trying to survive with their packs. Mad Pharaohs coming back to life by the actions of desperate cultists. Undeads (ghosts or even zombies) rising everywhere.

    I think this is already enough for a good start. There are obviously many other things to talk about too (The Filth, the Tokyo Incident, etc.), but maybe this is enought to find some common ground and maybe create some "Secret World/Scion" adventure.

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    As a TSW/SWL player, I'd really like to see this happen. I've felt that Scion 2e would be a good choice to use for a tabletop version of SWL, and frankly, I would use Scions themselves as the basis for PC "Bees."


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      I've used the Agartha in my games, as a kind of internal Terra Incognitae that touches everywhere and on everything, if you follow the right branches to the right places. Makes getting around in the world a whole lot easier and it also provides another area to compete over. After all, travel through Agartha is fast and efficient. Plenty of reason for the Titans to want it too, and to mug unprepared scions trying to travel from place to place.


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        Secret World: All Myths Are True

        Scion 2E: All Myths Are True

        Although, the Secret World setting includes heavy amounts of Lovecraft into its setting, both in the early sections, as well as late game story. And there's at least one thread on these forums right now talking about how people aren't particularly happy with that idea.
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