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    We are starting a Scion (1st Ed) game next week and have been working on characters. An argument has come up between several of us regarding hero level characters taking knacks from the God book. The rule in question is on page 59 of Scion: God under the "Knacks" section and states:

    "...some more-powerful Knacks are available only if the character has the prerequisite Knack listed in the power's description. (Some prerequisite Knacks have prerequisites of their own.) If a Knack described here doesn't have a listed prerequisite and doesn't explicitly state otherwise, a heroic or demigod character may choose it as the Knack he receives for his first through seventh dots of his Epic Attribute."

    The way I understand this is if a knack has a prereq. and has that pre-req, s/he can take said knack unless that knack states it cannot be taken by hero characters. My friend is saying anything with a pre-req from the god book cannot be taken at hero level, only Knacks that do not have pre-req's, such as Extended Youth on page 65. The knack in question is Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception (God p. 74), which has a pre-req of Broad-Spectrum Rectption (Demigod p. 64). The way I understand the rules, if a starting Hero character spends bonus points to raise his/her Legend to 3, then takes 2 dots of Epic Perception, s/he could take both of the above Knacks. My friend is saying Hero level characters cannot access Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception at all until God level, even if s/he has the pre-req knack.

    Which of us is correct?

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    There is only one Knack that requires that you be a God, and that's Hear Prayers... All other Knacks can be taken by characters of any Legend level so long as they have the pre requisites.

    The key here is "doesn't have a listed prerequisite and doesn't explicitly state otherwise"

    There's only one Knack that explicitly states otherwise.
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      I read that a few years back and I think that a hero CAN get a knack from Demigod or God books, unless it says the opposite. As far as I can remember there was no knack without prerequisite that made anything unplayable in heroic levels, and even the ones with prerequisites were really tuned down by the low values of Epic Attributes.

      Some knacks were useless for gods and were described on God, one of them is the one that make you immortal (all gods are).


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        Also, it's been a while since I looked at 1e and I'm probably not going to go look it up anytime soon, but couldn't you just buy Knacks? You don't have to wait till you Legend up. Ignore this if you actually can't buy them.


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          You have to buy it with XP. 2e you need to wait for Legend (actually callings, that até linked to Legend).


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            Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
            You have to buy it with XP. 2e you need to wait for Legend (actually callings, that até linked to Legend).
            You can buy Knacks with XP in 2e.

            Your Calling Dot increases let you control how many Knacks you can have active at once.

            Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.