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  • Scion 2nd FANDOM Wiki

    So, just found out these days, somebody made a Scion 2nd edition Wiki FANDOM.

    There's the link:

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    Ah. I would have thought they would wait until the game is out at least.

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      Hmmm. Maybe not such a good idea to cut and paste sections of the book in either.


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        That... is most likely well intentioned, but is most defintely a copyright violation.

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          Originally posted by Second Chances View Post
          That... is most likely well intentioned, but is most defintely a copyright violation.

          I agree. But I honestly thought that posting the link in here, some action by OP itself can be engaged, in case it was really taken as that kind of offense.


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            I don't know that there's a great deal of harm in it. There doesn't really seem to be enough information to, say, run the game without needing to buy the books. And OP doesn't seem to be as ultra-conservative as some other companies. Probably just worth the wiki owner's consideration, in case OP decides to open a dialogue. Especially if they're going to add more information that might lead to being a close enough substitute for having the books.


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              Paraphrasing without including mechanics is ok. Using small bits of text here and there is ok. Full cut and paste word for word reproduction (mechanics or not), not ok.

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