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    Originally posted by Manifoldpersona View Post
    Not the strongest quote. The combat rules supersede the generic rules, yes? Do you suggest I should be able to just use stamina to fire a pistol?
    Yes you can, if you need to hold the aim for a few minutes before shooting...


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      Holding the hand from shaking and controlling your breathing are stamina like things.
      Tho honestly i would prefer to use these kinds of approach when dealing with fights in a rlnarrative manner.
      When going more dramatic in a fight (ini, turns and defense rolling) id be less likely to diverge from the proposed attribute and skills.

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        Scion Origin p96 says :
        "Any given Skill can be associated
        with at most two of your Paths."
        Scion Origin p97 says :
        character receives three dots in each Skill associated with
        their primary Path, two dots in each Skill associated with
        their secondary path, and one dot in each Skill associated
        with their tertiary path. These dots are cumulative for
        Skills associated with two or more Paths. If this gives a Skill
        more than five dots, redistribute the extra dot to another
        Path Skill."
        3+2 = 5, how could any skill be above 5 ?
        Also, "at most two" and "two or more" are contradictory.


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          Text is wrong, but the result is the same, if you use all your paths to pick the same skill you will have to change one of your paths, probably the tertiary path. In the end you can TRY to use all 3, but you will have no more than 2 paths picking the same skill.