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The Mythos (aka, Yog Sothothery), Homebrew Scion 2nd

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  • The Mythos (aka, Yog Sothothery), Homebrew Scion 2nd

    Because I am super excited for Mask of Mythos I excised my creative ich by writing out my quick interpretation of the Mythos.

    I know there is a lot Chris will be creating and adding to Scion 2nd Edition. This is just to tide me, and others, over until then. I might add more gods later if I feel frisky. Enjoy!

    The Mythos

    Virtues: Nihilism vs. Domination

    All the great beings within The Mythos are profoundly alien. Their ways are not human ways and what they do few dare to understand. A Scion of the Mythos struggles with inhuman impulses that are counter to life as most understand it and so expresses itself in what people would call Nihilism. Scions break the down the world around them and remind others, and themselves, that this universe is impermanent and multiple. They also crave rulership. They need to control and influence others, even fellow gods, in order to keep their place within their strange cosmological ecosystem. These ideals run counter to one another because if you break everything, there is nothing left to lord over.

    The Outer Gods
    Many of the gods that attend Azathoth are far removed from humanity and rarely ever notice them. When they do it is generally at the behest of some arrogant sorcerer who feels they can control what they do not understand. The Outer Gods are the Titans of this pantheon, forced and bound to the alien will of Azathoth.

    The one exception to the Outer God’s noninterest in humanity is Nyarlathotep. A loathsome entity that delights in its ability to interfere with mortals. It begrudgingly acts as a herald for the Outer Gods but is happy to subvert their whims. It is this transient nature, cosmological duty, and malignant persona that allows Nyarlathotep to have cults on earth and be influenced by their mythology. As such Nyarlathotep is considered a God of The Mythos Pantheon.

    The Pantheon of The Great Old Ones
    These more terrestrial bound gods are terrible things of nightmares. They have plagued humanity for unknown reasons and have done so since man first came to be. Their increased contact with people and other races has led them to cultivate followers, be touched by The World’s cultures, and shaped by their mythologies. The drove them from being Titans to what would be considered gods of a more earthly Pantheon. This is why many are bound, locked away somewhere on earth. They had to hide and work through mysteries in order to keep themselves from being too bound my mortal perspectives
    Scions of The Great Old Ones are rarer than most other Pantheons. Directly breeding is out of the question, though some cults have perfected blasphemous rituals in order to grant their master’s divine seed to their followers. Chosen is the most likely “type” of Scion that exist within this Patheon. These people have had the misfortune of being blessed by these otherworldly creatures, either through direct invocation or a wicked twist of fate. From time to time, one of the Gods of the Mythos will elevate an animal or inanimate thing to act as their Scion. Though it is rare, those Scions that are incarnations of their higher selves do occur as the fight for domination rages.

    Aliases: The Living Flame, The Burning One
    Callings: Judge, Liminal, Warrior
    Purviews: Epic Dexterity, Fire, Chaos, Journeys,
    Aliases: The Great Dreamer, High Priest of the Great Old Ones
    Callings: Leader, Guardian, Sage
    Purviews: Chaos, Darkness, Epic Stamina, Water, Stars
    Aliases: Father Dagon
    Callings: Hunter, Lover, Warrior
    Purviews: Beasts (Aquatic Creatures), Fertility, Epic Strength, Water
    Aliases: The Render of Veils, Infinite Geometry
    Callings: Judge, Liminal, Sage
    Purviews: Earth, Chaos, Order, Fortune
    Aliases: none
    Callings: Hunter, Sage, Trickster
    Purviews: Darkness, Death, Stars, Health
    Aliases: The King in Yellow, The Unspeakable, Zukala-Koth
    Callings: Creator, Leader, Sage
    Purviews: Artistry (Literature), Death, Order, Passion (Obsession), Prosperity
    Aliases: The Wind Walker, God of the Cold White Silence
    Callings: Hunter, Trickster, Warrior
    Purviews: Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Frost, Journeys, Skys
    Aliases: The Black Pharaoh, Stalker Among the Stars, Crawling Chaos
    Callings: Liminal, Lover, Tricksters
    Purviews: Beauty, Chaos, Deception, Epic Dexterity, Journeys
    Aliases: The Black Goat with a Thousand Young, Lord of Woods
    Callings: Creator, Guardian, Healer
    Purviews: Beasts (All), Fertility, Epic Stamina, Moon, Wild
    Aliases: Father of Serpents
    Callings: Guardian, Lover, Warrior
    Purviews: Beasts (Snakes), Beauty, Epic Strength, Passions (Extreme Emotions), War
    Zhar & Lloigor
    Aliases: The Twin Obscenities
    Callings: Leader, Lover, Guardian
    Purviews: Epic Dexterity, Moon, Sky, Stars
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    Liked a lot your way to see the Mythos.
    Hastur is my favourite Old One, and you pointed some details I do appreciate, Order and Prosperity as Purviews gives the feeling we don’t have from most of the other wilder old ones, like Dagon and Yig. Not sure if I would use the Creator, maybe the Trickster for the way Hastur manipulates by illusions or Liminal as Hastur is far too different from the others, but I like the creator as it gives the final details as the great founder and leader of the city of Carcosa.

    Shub-Nigguroth is another one like a lot, as the one that do interact with people and enjoy torturing us, while the others just don’t care about us. The Healer, capable of heal and plague the people, and Fertility as it is frequently worshiped a s a fertility god are great additions.

    In terms of Mythology, I would put the 3 outer gods as primordials, I think it’s quite obvious, and put the Old Ones as low legend gods or high legend demigods. Dagon I would say is a Demigod as it’s the less powerful of them, maybe even Hastur could be a Demigod with a very focused power over minds, Shub-Nigguroth is for sure a god, and the most powerful of them.
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      Thank you for the feedback. I need to do some more reading and overall conceptualizing but I think I may move most of the Outer Gods into the "Titan Camp" with Nyarlathotep being the outlier. That would remove Shub from potential parentage, but we can't all get what we want.


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        Well, if you think a bit about it, the Outer gods don’t cara a bit about us to have Scions of any kind.

        Shub could have scions, and I would say being a god of fertility and all, probably does... About the rest of Great Old Ones, not sure, Hastur could incarnate to became the king in yellow or a new version of himself, Dagon it self can be a Scion, born or chosen of another Old One and probably have Scions among the deep ones, but most of the others are too alien to care about humans enough to reproduce with, create or chose one human as Scion.


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          I did a small update. Eventually, I will write up a quick explanation of the god and how/who they have for Scions.


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            Didn't Yog-Sothoth explicitly have a "scion" in Mythos lore? Wilbur Whateley.


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              Indeed... I had in mind he was son of Shub, not Yog, but you are right. Both are quite active in Earth...


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                Do not forget that there are Titanspawn.


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                  Originally posted by Bioagent View Post
                  Do not forget that there are Titanspawn.
                  The way I always saw it is: Wilbur = Scion, his twin brother = Titanspawn.

                  There will probably be something like a "scale of monstrosity" in the Masks, with some entities related to the same beings being more outwardly mutated than others. Than there is also the inevitable question about where is the line between titan and a god; between scion and a titanspawn, especially in the context of Mythos...


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                    Originally posted by Bioagent View Post
                    Do not forget that there are Titanspawn.
                    Sure, but, if you put all the Old Ones and Outer gods as Titans, there can be no Scion. Anyway, titans, by 2e rules, are like the gods, they just make it simple because they are usually primitive and related to more basic aspects of reality, of course they are powerful, but not necessarily are beyond the reach of a god.


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                      I wonder how broad will the selection of deities in Masks be. The Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, for sure. But what about the Great Ones from Dreamlands, for example? They more resemble the classical lower Legend gods/higher Legend Demigods. Besides, the Dreamlands are most likely going to be the Overworld and Underworld in Masks. There is canonically even a section of Dreamlands called the Underworld.


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                        Yeah, the line between Titan and God will be critical for this Pantheon. I divided it up between Outer God and Great Old One for ease. Nyarlathotep gets to break the rules because, well, it is Nyarlathotep


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                          Dreamlands is the combination of Over and Under Wolrds, as I understand it. And, in theory, all gods from Mythos should have access to it.

                          But, as we are going to be locked on Hero level for a while now, I don’t think we are going to be able to face (or even get any close) of any of the big guys... probably more likely to be facing Migos and armies of deep ones... so the stats of the big guys could be: “Can kill you with claws, madness, plagues, and often by mistake”.


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                            Another update.


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                              So would the Canaanite fertility god Dagon be a separate being entirely from Lovecraft’s Dagon? Or would one be a mantle for another?