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[Homebrew Pantheon]: The Tykes, Pantheon of Psychoactives (WIP)

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  • [Homebrew Pantheon]: The Tykes, Pantheon of Psychoactives (WIP)

    (Main inspiration as to why to create a Pantheon made of sentient drug thought-forms:

    The Tykes

    The Tykes are physical, and it shows in the way they lived their Titanomachy – not in a distant primordial time, but in today’s history, kicking over and over again like an acid flashback.
    • The scandal of the Bacchanals?
    • The persecution of Witches?
    • The prohibition in the 20s?
    • The Hippie Golden Age?
    Most Tykes consider themselves apart from the rest of the Gods. After all, they’re the most in synch with humans, tied to substances that mingle with their very flesh. Some go as far as claiming that, perhaps, they are the answer as to why so many contradictory worldviews coexist in the World. Perhaps all other Gods are hallucinations.

    Virtue Set: Thrill versus Chill.

    The Thrill
    is not simply reducible to hedonism or daredevilry, as some might think: it's the desire to re-enchant the World - even more than it already is. Thrilled Scions love to open permanent portals to Otherworlds, to organize parties where humans and non-humans mingle and mate, to blur the lines and walk all over rationaliry with nine-inches stillettos. Needless to say, it easily gets toxic (figuratively and litterally).

    The Chill, meanwhile, is the opposite. It's understanding that the fast life, whether socialite or supernatural, is dangerous and self-destructive. Chill Scions are the trip-sitters and rehab buddies of their parties. But that doesn't go without a flip coin, of course, and that's their propensity to lie by omission. Chill individuals will do everything to keep things quiet and drama-less. A Chill Scion would rather wipe out your memory or tamper with your free will. "Ignorance is Bliss" is their motto.

    Faith: Psychedelics
    A loose network, mainly bound by 3 principles

    1) Inner alchemy: Some substances allow for men to tinker with their own mental states; to do so is holy and righteous, and all should be free to do so.

    2) Cure: When a physical or psychological ailment can't be cured by regular means, a drug-induced trip is required to see which inner factor makes it linger.

    3) Raves: Common celebrations while partaking on the ecstasy on the substances are to be joyous and non-exclusive: all are welcome, humans or not, living or not.

    Worshipped and exploited by some cartels (Cults, having their hands on the Tykes' secrets since alchemy's golden days).

    Pantheon Purview: Cathexis

    Motif: “Through refining and ingesting pure extracts of potent substances, one can reveal and re-arrange the World’s true secrets for all to see.”

    Overworld: The High.
    Underworld: The K-Hole?

    ETHANOL, the Blue Flame

    Callings: Healer, Lover, Judge
    Purviews: Fire, Fertility, Moon, Order

    CAFFEINE, the Black Brew

    Callings: Creator, Hunter, Warrior
    Purviews: Sun, Epic Cunning

    CANNABIS, the Green Queen
    Aliases: Ganja, Mazui, Bangh, Haschich, Marijuana, and countless others.

    Callings: Healer, Trickster, Sage
    Purview: Artistry (Drums), Chaos, Passion (Wonder), Moon

    COCAINE, the White Horse

    Callings: Leader, Trickster, Liminal
    Purviews: Epic Strength, Journeys, Prosperity

    DMT, the Bitter Link
    Aliases: Yagé, Ayahuasca

    Callings: Liminal, Healer, Judge
    Purviews: Stars, Wild, Death, Fortune

    LSD, the Solver-and-Dissolver

    Callings: Creator, Liminal, Sage,
    Purviews: Artistry (Colors), Chaos, Darkness, Deception

    MDMA, the Inner Ocean

    Callings: Guardian, Lover, Liminal
    Purviews: Artistry (Dance) Beauty, Passion (Tenderness), Epic Presence

    METHAMPHETAMIN, the Ice Dart

    Callings: Hunter, Judge, Warrior
    Purviews: Epic Stamina, Frost, War

    NICOTINE, the Smokescreen

    Callings: Leader, Lover, Trickster
    Purviews: Sky, Epic Dexterity, Epic Manipulation, Health, Order

    KETAMINE, the Cleaved

    Callings: Healer,
    Purviews: Fortune, Darkness, Earth, Stars

    Opium, Morphine, Laudanum and other Painkillers (Minor Deities)
    Purviews: Darkness, Death, Water, Health
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    Oooohhh... duuuude... your ideas are fun...
    The Black Brew as Creator is great!
    Loved the Green Queen being the Healer and Sage (it brings some deep wisdom for sure), I would take Astistry and Passion and put Journeys...
    Never used the others, but not sure it Cocaine would give a journey purview, more like an life or passion (all), maybe Death in the Crack mantle...

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      Mateus Luz

      Cocaine having Journey has several reasons, albeit I need to flesh those out.
      • First, as it's often referred to as a White Horse, I reckon having it mounting (or being) a phantasmal steed would be a propos.
      • Second, a common stereotype associated to cocaine is the mules who have to carry it from one country to another, at the risk of being found and imprisoned. I figured those could pray to the Good Ol' Brother Cocaine to help them not being found during these long journeys.
      • Lastly, the original users of coca (andine lama sheperds) used it to relieve their lassitude and keep themselves going.
      All those reasons make me think it that Journeys is the right pick ^^


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        I was thinking more on the effects and not on the world associations of it.
        The coca leaf is a bit more powerful than coffee (drink, not the fruit) and help with the lack of Oxygen in the heights, so again the passion that keep them going. But the journey of going around the world is a good reason.

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        Fists of Flux - Inspired and Powered Martial Arts for Talents
        Tomes of Inspiration - Rituals and Dark Magic in Fists of Flux


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          have you thought about creating a god based on Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)? They have a deep history in many cultures as being tools for contacting higher planes of existence and spiritual healing alongside being described as having a mischievous presence/personality when used. I remember Terrence Mckenna described them as being part of a greater Cosmic intelligence that sought to uplift other species to greater heights in one of his speeches. Also the species is a very tenacious one and it will find ways to thrive in even the most unlikely situations.

          Food for thought I suppose.


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            I’m curious given both their ancient, and modern significance that all opiates, and opioids are reduced to the status of minor gods. I can’t help but think at very least heroin deserves major status as a god of bliss and death.


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              I’m curious given both their ancient, and modern significance that all opiates, and opioids are reduced to the status of minor gods. I can’t help


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                Psylocibe Decumbens would likely be some kind of Primordial. McKenna was really deeply obsessed with it and saw it as the explanation to almost everything (from human rise to consciousness to the mysteries of Eleusis to the Soma of the Sanskrit), and even if that's not likely to be accurate, I'd like to think that Psilocybin was some kind of trickster who would hear those suppositions with a sybilline smile. In Nahuatl, it is called Teonanacatl, Flesh of the Gods, and I'd think it appropriate if the Tykes held this to be litteraly true.

                (The other Primordials candidates could probably be Atropia (for the Solanaceae), Mescaline (for both peyote and San Pedro) and Bufotenin [Beasts] for frogs, snakes and insects producing psychotropic substances)


                Hmmm, you're right. I think I'll have Opium be a God in its own right, with an insane number of masks (from Methadone to Morphine to Codeine),either living simultaneously in a single Mantle or shifting to match whichever is consumed in the place where they stand. Closely watched since WW1 because of their kinship to Heroin, they should answer to the authority of Ketamine (who was first synthetized in hope to be the perfect anaesthetic), but actually exploit the fact that Ketamine feels green and inadequate to keep their freedom.

                As for Heroin, I'm 80% sure I want to make her the most prominent Titan. To me, heroin has a very "eldritch", beyond-moral kind of feel. It doesn't even have to wreck your body - you neglect yourself because you're enthralled in its oblivion. It's not its fault: it's clearly not evil, far from it. It's the promise of total annihilation, no more, no less.

                That would also explain why the Tykes only started to act as a Pantheon relatively late. In the ancient times when other Gods waged their Titanomachy, most of drugs either hadn't even been synthetized yet, and most of those who did already exist were content to hang with other religions (Ethanol had a long run with Dionysus, Nicotine was used by the Manitou, etc). The apparition of heroin and the War on Drugs forced them to change that.

                (Also, I like that it turns the generational logic on its head. Opium existed before Heroin, yet Heroin is the Titan and Opium is the God. Who is the ancestor, and who's the progeny? Who is the raw, and who the refined ? One more blurred line in the Titanomachy...)
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                  Oh McKenna was definitely a huge proponent of Psilocybe to the point of blind obsession (Whenever I listen to his speeches on Mushrooms being the Answer to all things I just envision the meme of the Ancient Aliens guy as McKenna with the Word MUSHROOMS!!! on it). I remember that Teonanacatl was one of the sacred "Flowers" of Xochipilli in Aztec mythology, making the Mushrooms into a Primordial definitely would be fitting given its own timeless nature. It's definitely a Trickster Spirit and isn't afraid to slap you in the face with all the things you need to start paying attention to no matter how ugly or horrible to bear it may be.


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                    Cocaine should be a Titan, that shit is pure evil in physical form, I have relatives hooked on crack and it's as close to evil being turned into a physical substance is as humanly possible.
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