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  • Supernatural Heroes in Scion 1E

    Did anyone ever tinker with any rules for non-human races for Scion 1E? Particularly Alfar, Dwarves, Kitsune, Satyrs, Tengu and maybe even Giants and Trolls. For those players who don't want to play Scions, but still want to play a supernatural being.

    I can whip something up, but why re-invent the wheel?

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    Some simple rules for making Lesser Immortal heroes in Scion.

    These races use the same basic character creation as Scions, with the following changes:

    Racial Abilities: Lesser Immortals, Giants and Chimera may choose six (6) Abilities at character creation to be their favored Abilities.
    Supernatural Powers: Lesser Immortals, Giants and Chimera only have access to the Epic Attributes and Purviews listed in their entry. They do not have free choice of other powers.
    Racial Boons and Banes: All Lesser Immortals, Giants and Chimera have racial Boons. These are Purview like powers that they may use without a Relic. These minor powers are offset by Racial Banes; a weakness that hinders them in play.
    Birthrights: Lesser Immortals, Giants and Chimera do not have Birthright points at character creation unless otherwise stated in their entry. They can purchase relics with bonus points or gain relics through roleplaying, as in trophies, crafting or other means.


    The alfar are lesser fertility deities of the Norse pantheon. Unlike many other breeds of lesser immortals, the alfar largely developed positive relationships with the Gods of Asgard. The most powerful of the alfar, the Vanir, even ascended to join the ruling Aesir after a protracted cold war between the two groups. Those alfar who were not among the Vanir remained among the Scandinavian peoples, eventually spreading with them across Europe. After the Gods of Asgard withdrew from mortal affairs, the alfar largely did the same, eschewing outright worship for the ability to manipulate events from behind the scenes.
    Mortals perceive alfar as incredibly beautiful people with stunning Nordic features. A number of alfar, male and female, have amused themselves from time to time working as fashion models, but most try to stay out of the spotlight while still living the extravagant lives to which they feel accustomed. Any being with a Legend rating can perceive an alfar as she truly is: a radiant beauty whose golden hair glows with the light of the sun, whose pearlescent skin shimmers with the light of the moon and whose laughing blue eyes seem to reflect the raging seas.
    Racial Abilities (pick 6): Animal Ken, Art, Brawl, Control, Craft, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Investigation, Melee, Occult, Presence.
    Supernatural Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Dexterity, Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Fertility, Earth, Sea, Sun, Magic.
    Racial Boons and Banes: All alfar have the following racial Boons and Banes:
    Longevity: Alfar age half as fast as a human and can expect a lifespan of 100 years + 20 years per point of Stamina (barring violence, disease or accident, of course). Such characters mature at the normal rate, enjoy a long, almost changeless maturity and enter middle age around 80, and elderly around age 120.
    Night Vision: The Alfars eyes can see in the dark like a cat or an owl (whose eyes they resemble). The Alfar can see as easily on a moonless night in a city or a deep forest as a human can on an open plain or leafless forest on the night of the full moon, and can see as well under the full moon as well as a mortal can in full daylight.
    Iron Allergy: All alfar take aggravated damage from weapons forged of “cold iron,” which is wrought iron that has been hammered into shape without heating. The mere touch of cold iron causes an alfar to become unable to use any of his Epic Attributes or any other supernatural abilities for the remainder of the scene. Such contact does not cause any injury, however, unless the cold iron is actively used as a weapon to inflict damage.

    Greek legend describes cyclopes as one-eyed giants who were the children of Gaia and Ouranos. Both Ouranos and Cronus kept the cyclopes bound within Tartarus until Zeus freed them. After the Titans were bound, a few of the cyclopes were bound into slavery by the victorious Gods and forced to use their natural proficiency for crafting magical weapons on the Gods’ behalf. Others escaped and continued to plague the Gods and their Scions to the present day.
    A cyclops appears as a one-eyed giant, usually at least eight feet tall. Mortals tend to glance such a giant’s face, with a trick of shadow making it seem as if he is just a large man with an eyepatch. Scions can see the creature’s true face, with one unblinking enormous eye in the middle of his forehead, easily four inches across. All cyclopes are male.
    Racial Abilities (pick 6): Animal Ken, Art, Awareness, Brawl, Control, Craft, Fortitude, Investigation, Larceny, Melee, Occult, Science.
    Supernatural Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Arete (Craft), Jotunblut, Magic.
    Racial Boons and Banes: All cyclops have the following racial Boon and Bane:
    Enhanced Vision: The Cyclops single eye is unnaturally acute. The character gains two dice on all Awareness rolls relating to vision.
    Large: A cyclops gains two dots in Strength (maximum 6) and an additional -0 health level. The cyclops is still (barely) within normal size range, and the giant can still pass as a normal (if very large) human.
    Ugly: All Cyclops are hideous and cannot raise Appearance above 3 with experience or freebie points. To mortal eyes, they are just big, hideous men, but to those with a Legend rating, they are truly monstrous.

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    “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
    Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy