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Scale confusion.

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  • Scale confusion.

    The scale example thing about Hogzilla, Sigrun, and Boyd confuses me. I get Hogzilla getting the scale bonus, but why does Sigrun get it over Boyd? It says she's a superior combatant, but doesn't specify how. What am I missing?

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    It’s indeed not clear, but that’s kind of the way scale works, the StoryGuide can give some advantage to one of the characters just because they are better doing that.
    There is another reason in Hero, a character can spend legend to act on a higher scale for a while related to the title, for a example combatent. If Sigrun has a legendary title related to Combat, it’s possible to rise the scale, while Boyd probably don’t have a related title, but it requires legend spending.
    Finally, there are knacks that allow the hero to imbue legend (instead of spend it) while doing some actions, what gives the character a good advantage as it can last for the entire combat. I’m not sure if there is one for that specifically, but it’s probably related to Guardian or Warrior callings.


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      The blog post on Scale, although mostly aimed at Trinity, applies here as well.

      That example is very high level, basically it should be assumed that Sigrun is using some power to have that scale. You don't get passive scale boosts just for being of a higher tier.

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        Originally posted by MoroseMorgan View Post
        You don't get passive scale boosts just for being of a higher tier.
        Indeed you don’t, but a SG character may have some just because reasons... of course it’s not the case, as I believe Sigrun and Boyd are Player Characters, so I guess it’s a knack that apply on that situation.