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『Homebrew』Manimekhala, the Guardian of the Ocean

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  • 『Homebrew』Manimekhala, the Guardian of the Ocean

    Manimekhala, the Guardian of the Ocean
    Aliases: Mangala, Moni Mekhala, Sovann Macha

    Manimekhala is the representation of the ocean and its untamed majesty. One of the true cross-cultural goddesses, the Jeweled Lady, manifests in many Southeast Asian stories as a Buddhist divinity. It was she who protected Mahajanaka, one of Buddha’s incarnations when he got lost in the ocean. In a Tamil epic, she appears to assist a princess escaping from an ardent suitor. To the Thai and Khmer, she is also the goddess of rain and lightning, wielding a powerful crystal that shoots lightning. Each monsoon season, she clashes against the baneful Ream Eyso, the god of thunder, who wished to seize her jewel as his birthright. She even plays a pivotal role in Ramayana, assisting Hanuman by helping build a bridge for Lord Rama.

    Manimekhala lives within seascapes of many cosmologies. The Khmer honor her through dance, recounting her glorious victory over Ream Eyso. Her vivifying rains revive the earth spirits slain by Ream's wrath. During the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, the dancers invoke the goddess, wishing her good graces for a bountiful harvest. The Thai King named his weather modification services after her. They say that she helped him forecast storms throughout his life. Modern navigators remain vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of the ocean. To find calm in the sea, they invoke her name, hoping for a safe passage to their destinations.

    Manimekhala’s Scions are mostly Chosen, few and rare compared to many gods. She asks them to help maintain the delicate balance of the ocean, now under threat from Titans as well as humans. Those Chosen by Manimekhala catch themselves handling various pantheons and their needs. She is known for her generosity towards her Chosen, conferring them many gifts to support them on their journeys.

    Callings: Guardian, Healer, Warrior
    Purviews: Beasts (All Sea Creatures), Fortune, Health, Order, Prosperity, Sky, Water

    Manimekhala shows up in Sri Lankan, Odisha legends as well as in mainland Southeast Asia. Like Mithras or Guanyin, it is hard to qualify her as a member of any particular pantheon in South/Southeast Asia.

    Scion 2e Homebrew Pantheon(s):

    The Nat, the Spirits of Myanmar

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    Oh, I'd never heard of Manimekhala before, but she definitely sounds pretty neat from your writeup here. Thanks!

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.