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    Does anyone have a consolidated listing of what you can spend Momentum and Legend on. It gets kind of confusing once you factor in Virtues and Paths and Titles.
    I am not asking for a listing of all Marvels and Boons and Knacks, just the other stuff.

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    Like, in general?

    What You Spend Momentum On
    • Spend 1 Momentum to add one die to any roll.
      • When acting in accordance to a Virtue, you get one additional die per Momentum
      • When in the Virtuous Condition, you gain an additional die per Momentum.
        • Of note, the above stack, so a Virtuous Scion is gaining 3 dice for their one Momentum
    • Spend 3 Momentum to add an Interval to a Complex Action
    • Spend Momentum to activate some Knacks, as listed within the Knack itself.
    What You Spend Legend On
    Taking an aside here to note that sometimes you Spend Legend and sometimes you Imbue Legend. If you Imbue Legend, you commit the Legend to the effect, but you gain the Legend back when the effect ends. If you Spend Legend, it's gone, and you need to regain it through Fatebinding or Sacrifices.
    • To power Boons or Marvels. Most of these effects require Imbuing, with particularly powerful ones requiring Spending.
    • Some Knacks require you to Spend Legend. These are fairly rare and almost always Immortal Knacks. The Knack will tell you.
    • Some Knacks let you Imbue Legend to continuously activate a Feat of Scale (below). The Knack will tell you.
    • Legend is Spent to activate a Feat of Scale, where you take an action that falls under one of your Legendary Titles in order to add [Legend/2, Rounded Up] Scale to the roll.
    Edit: The thing to note is that Paths can add dice, build Contacts, justify giving you access to things... Virtues augment how many Dice you get from Momentum, but you don't actually spend Momentum to use your Virtues. Your Virtues come into play when you spend Momentum to add more dice.

    Disclaimer: In favor of fun and enjoyment, but may speak up to warn you that you're gonna step on a metaphorical land mine